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Jitterbit's Harmony EDI


Jitterbit's Harmony EDI (EDI) is a web application for managing EDI trading partners and the transactions made with them. To access it and get started, satisfy the application's prerequisites, log in to the Harmony Portal, then click the EDI tile.


Harmony EDI is a subscription-based product. You can search for available trading partners even if you don't have a subscription. To configure trading partners, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Harmony Portal

Alternatively, use the Harmony Portal menu to go directly to the Transactions page (to view, print, save, acknowledge, or reprocess EDI transactions), the Admin page (to add and manage EDI trading partners), the Archive page (to view and restore archived transactions), or the Messaging page (to see system log messages):

EDI Menu

Get Started

To start using EDI, you must do the following:

When the setup is complete and you are in a production phase, you can do the following: