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Manage Workflows


Workflows automatically process documents exchanged with a trading partner. You can add as many workflows as you need, each with a different combination of direction, document type, and map. You can also edit and delete workflows, and download a mapping file detailing XPath-EDI element mappings.

Add a Workflow

To add a workflow, follow these steps:

  1. Click Add New Workflow. A new row is added:

    Add New Workflow

  2. Set values for the following fields:

    • Direction: Select the direction, one of Inbound (to Harmony) or Outbound (to the trading partner).

    • Document Type: Select a document type.

    • Map: A default map is automatically selected based on the Direction and Document Type settings. Do not change the selected map unless instructed to do so.

    • Active: Enable to make the workflow live. Disable if the EDI document is no longer required.

    • Test mode: Enable when testing. Documents are not sent to the trading partner.

    • Debug: Enable to log messages.

  3. Click Save. The workflow appears as a new row:

    Added workflow

Edit a Workflow

To edit a workflow, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Edit button for a workflow.

  2. Change the settings.

  3. Click Save or Cancel.

Delete a Workflow

To delete a workflow, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Delete button for a workflow.

  2. The workflow is deleted without confirmation.

Download Mapping File

To download an XPath mapping file for an existing workflow's map, click the Download XPATH button.

To download a file for any map without saving a workflow, add a workflow, select a map, click Download XPATH, then click Cancel.