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Harmony Support


There are different ways of getting support, depending on your situation and requirements:


If you are a customer of BMC, see BMC Customer Support.


If you have an urgent production-down situation, see the section Production-down Situations on this page.

Production-down Situations

We know how worrisome a production-down situation is, and we're here to give you top priority if that should occur.

If you have a production-down situation, file a support case as described on this page, and put Production Down in the subject of your case.

Be sure to fully describe the situation in the body of your message and include your contact information, the Jitterbit product you are using, and your endpoints. Include anything you think would help us troubleshoot the problem.

Our system is designed to recognize the specific phrase Production Down in the subject and will respond appropriately by alerting us of your request with an urgent priority assigned.

Submit a Support Case Using the Jitterbit Support Portal

We recommend contacting Jitterbit Support directly by submitting a support case. Our Jitterbit Support Portal is accessed through Jitterbit Community.

The Support Portal is a separate and private section of Jitterbit Community.

Once you have logged in to Jitterbit Community, the Support Portal becomes available. In the Support Portal, you can create new cases and view your case history.

See Using the Jitterbit Support Portal for details.

Submit a Support Case Using Email

Though we recommend submitting support cases by opening a support case through the Jitterbit Support Portal, we also provide the option to open a case using email.

Email with a brief subject line and this information:

  • Screenshots, if applicable (hide any information you do not want to be seen, such as passwords or other credentials).

  • An attachment or link to a recorded video demonstrating the issue, if applicable.

  • Exact wording of all related error messages and stack traces if available. If using Cloud Studio and you receive a "Something unexpected happened" error, please include the unique error ID provided with the message.

  • A full description of the issue and expected results. For example, if you are reporting a problem please include:

    • What you were doing when the problem occurred, what you expected to happen, and what actually happened.
    • Any special circumstances surrounding the discovery of the issue.
    • All diagnostic steps previously performed by the customer to attempt to address the issue.
    • The exported project (JSON file or Jitterpak) and, if possible or appropriate, sample files, logs, and error messages that demonstrate the problem. These may be required for us to reproduce the issue, and are very helpful if you think the issue is a bug. Our support team will get back to you if we need additional information.
    • A reproducible test case, if commercially feasible, that demonstrates the specific usage that causes the issue being reported.

Check Case Status and Escalate Cases

As your case progresses, you will receive emails to notify you of the case status changes. You can also log in to the Jitterbit Support Portal to check on the case status.

Please be sure to set up yourself and your team members as "Authorized Contacts" with your Jitterbit Sales Representative or Customer Success Manager. This assures the fastest possible support experience.

If you are an Enterprise-level customer, you can call your emergency hotline to escalate support cases, if needed. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you are unsure as to your emergency hotline.

Ask Jitterbit Community for Assistance

Jitterbit Community is available for self-service help and collaboration among users.

In the community, you can ask questions about using our product, get advice and best practices from other Jitterbit users, search for answers among existing questions and answers, or share your own experience with others.

A link to Jitterbit Community is provided in a menu at the top of this site:

Suggest an Idea Using Jitterbit Community

Do you have an idea to make a Jitterbit product better? Let us know! Click Ideas in the Jitterbit Community header to post your ideas to Jitterbit and to browse through and vote on existing ideas.

Once you have logged in to the community, the Ideas section becomes available.

Get Support for Data Loader

For those using Data Loader, our free migration tool for Salesforce, go to our dedicated Data Loader Community for posts and comments or to search among existing questions and answers.

Jitterbit System Status

Check the real-time Harmony system status at our Jitterbit Trust Site. You can subscribe to notifications at the Trust Site to be notified of any change in system status, maintenance, or outage. For additional information, see System Status Notifications.