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Americas Virtual Meetup, Session 10

Session 10: Introduction to Jitterbit App Builder

This page provides an overview, slides, and recording of a customer workshop hosted by Jitterbit on June 15, 2022 as part of the Americas Virtual Meetup series. The customer workshop session recording is 38:47 (m:s) in duration.

Session Overview

This section focused on Jitterbit Harmony App Builder, Jitterbit's low-code application builder for business technologists.

During the session, Jaime Delgado and Mayank Bhasin, Senior Customer Architects at Jitterbit, covered these topics:

  1. Demo an example of how to quickly create a new Lead in Salesforce using the App Builder UI.
  2. Verify (and take action on) if the Lead already exists or does not exist in Salesforce using Jitterbit Harmony API Manager.
  3. Walk through the Jitterbit Harmony Cloud Studio operation and use API Manager to accomplish the above use case.
  4. Walk through App Builder's Modules, Microflows, UI Flows, Configuration, Packages, and Releases functionality required for the use case.
  5. Show how to manage users and profiles using role-based access privileges in the App Builder UI.

Session Slides


Session Recording