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Americas virtual meetup, session 2

Session 2: Demonstration project


This is a recording of the customer workshop that we hosted on Wednesday, November 18th, 2020. During the workshop, you will hear from Keith Rigg, Jitterbit EMEA Director of Sales Engineering. The session is 38:18 (m:s) in duration.

The session covers:

  • Session #1 Recap
  • Session #1 Continued
    • The 7 Roles of the Transformation
    • ETL Pattern
  • Demonstration Project
    • Cloud Studio version
    • Design Studio version

Notes on the Cloud Studio demonstration project

  • There are some deliberate examples of what not to do, and different techniques used highlighting alternative methods available for use, primarily within the Request Transformation of Operation 1.2:


  • The Slack operation is using the HTTP Connector as the project started life prior to the release of the Slack Connector.