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Americas virtual meetup, session 7

Session 7: Data filtering, data merging, in-memory data lookup, data validation, data cleansing, and data enrichment


This is a recording of the customer workshop that we hosted on Wednesday, September 15th, 2021. During the workshop, you will hear from Jaime Delgado and Mayank Bhason, Senior Customer Architects at Jitterbit, and Dawn Ronayne, Jitterbit Product Manager for Jitterbit Marketplace. The session is 52:51 (m:s) in duration.

The session covers:

  • Overview of Jitterbit Marketplace by Dawn Ronayne, Jitterbit Product Manager for Jitterbit Marketplace
  • Best practices for data filtering
  • Use cases for merging two or more data sets (iPaaS, ETL, and data science)
  • Using the Jitterbit Dictionary for in-memory data lookup
  • Data validation (types of validation, best practices, and approaches)
  • Best practices for identifying and removing inaccurate records
  • Using Jitterbit to enrich data with referenced data
  • Different ways to get help from Jitterbit (CSA, TAM, and other services)