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Jitterbit microlearning tutorials


The Jitterbit Microlearning Tutorials are a quick video training series that enables you to configure a connection for a simple operation.

Short and to the point, watch these if you have only a few minutes or if you have a question regarding a specific connector.

These tutorials are from the Jitterbit basics series, created by Jitterbit University.

Available microlearning tutorial videos

These are the videos currently available. As new videos are created, they will be listed in this table.

Video Title Source and Target Connectors Duration
Epicor to FTP Epicor and FTP 12:14
FTP to Salesforce Insert FTP and Salesforce Insert or Update Activity 9:36
FTP to Salesforce Upsert FTP and Salesforce Upsert Activity 12:10
Magento to FTP Magento and FTP 12:25
NetSuite to FTP NetSuite and FTP 10:27
Salesforce to FTP as JSON Salesforce and FTP 10:42
ServiceNow to FTP ServiceNow and FTP 10:25
Workday to FTP Workday and FTP 15:09