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Jitterbit University


Jitterbit University is our online learning system. It is designed to facilitate proficiency with the Harmony API Integration Platform. Hands-on and lecture-based training is available for new users, advanced users, IT operations staff, and developers.

Jitterbit University is self-paced, so you can complete training courses at your leisure.

This video provides an overview of Jitterbit University:

Register for training through Jitterbit University

You must have an enrollment key in order to register for Jitterbit University. To obtain an enrollment key, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Alliances Manager.

Once you have an enrollment key, visit and click Sign Up. On the next screen, enter your key and again click Sign Up. On the next screen, provide your information and set the credentials that you want to use to access Jitterbit University in the future. Click Sign Up once more to complete the registration process.

After registering, you will receive a welcome email with further information about joining the Harmony training organization (required for certain courses), endpoint credentials for training purposes, and related training resources.

Enroll in Jitterbit University courses

Once you are registered, go to, enter the credentials you used during registration and click Login. On logging in, you will see a personalized dashboard with links to resume courses, browse the course catalog, and view the courses you're enrolled in, as well as links to other resources.

Click Catalog to view a complete list of all available courses and exams, summarized below. To sign up for a particular course, click Enroll, then click Start to begin the training. You can revisit the courses as many times as you like by re-enrolling. To do so, click Re-enroll and then click Start to retake the training course.



This section provides an overview of each course offered through Jitterbit University, as well as our suggested learning paths for new and experienced integrators.

New integrators

We encourage new learners with little to no previous integration experience to start their learning journey with the following course:

Course Duration
Introduction to Harmony iPaaS platform 1 hour

In this course, our team of Jitterbit experts teaches the value an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) platform can provide to your organization and introduces you to the Harmony Platform, how it works, and what it can do. It is the best way for new learners to become familiarized with integration and with Jitterbit's solution.

After completing this introductory course, we encourage you to start the Integration developer path.

Experienced integrators

Learners who are already familiar with the concept of integration and the capabilities of iPaaS platforms can start their learning journey with the Integration Developer Path.

Integration developer path

The Integration Developer Path is our suggested course sequence for experienced integrators and for students who have completed the Introduction to Harmony ipaas platform course.

The path is comprised of seven courses, but the ones you should take vary depending on which of our integration solutions best suits your needs: Cloud Studio or Design Studio.

Cloud Studio users

Most users choose Cloud Studio, the web-based version of Jitterbit's project design application. If you are a Cloud Studio user, your Integration Developer Path is comprised of these courses:

Course Duration
Introduction to the Harmony Cloud Studio 8 hours
Introduction to scripting in Cloud Studio 2 hours
Advanced transformation mappings in Cloud Studio 30 minutes

A detailed walkthrough of the course Introduction to Harmony Cloud Studio is also provided here in Success Central.

Design Studio users

For some users, Design Studio, our desktop designer for configuring and testing Jitterbit integration projects, is the preferred solution. If you are a Design Studio user, your Integration Developer Path is comprised of these courses:

Course Duration
Introduction to Design Studio 8 hours
Introduction to scripting in Design Studio 2 hours
Advanced transformation mappings in Design Studio 30 minutes
API creation and management 3 hours

Other Harmony courses

Learners who have completed their Integration Developer Path but would still like to expand their knowledge of Jitterbit and its products can continue their learning journey by taking additional courses that focus on other areas of Jitterbit, such as Vinyl, Jitterbit's low-code application platform (LCAP), the use of plugins, and more:

Course Duration
Introduction to Vinyl 3.3 5 hours
Connecting to Salesforce 3 hours
Jitterbit organizational administration 3 hours
Jitterbit plugin creation 2 hours


Jitterbit Certified Developer

To obtain the Jitterbit Certified Developer certification, you must follow the Jitterbit Integration Developer learning path. After completing the courses, you can take the exam, composed of 60 multiple-choice and True/False questions coming from the topics discussed in your learning path. Upon successfully passing the exam, you will obtain your certification.