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Jitterbit University


Jitterbit University is our online learning system. It is designed to facilitate proficiency with the Jitterbit Harmony API Integration Platform. Hands-on and lecture-based training is available for new users, advanced users, IT operations staff, and developers.

Jitterbit University is self-paced, so you can complete training courses at your leisure.

This video provides an overview of Jitterbit University:

Registering for Training Through Jitterbit University

You must have an enrollment key in order to register for Jitterbit University. To obtain an enrollment key, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Alliances Manager.

Once you have an enrollment key, visit and click Sign Up. On the next screen, enter your key and again click Sign Up. On the next screen, provide your information and set the credentials that you want to use to access Jitterbit University in the future. Click Sign Up once more to complete the registration process.


After registering, you will receive a welcome email with further information about joining the Harmony training organization (required for certain courses), endpoint credentials for training purposes, and related training resources.

Enrolling in Jitterbit University Courses

Once you are registered, go to, enter the credentials you used during registration and click Login. On logging in, you will see a personalized dashboard with links to resume courses, browse the course catalog, and view the courses you're enrolled in, as well as links to other resources.

Click Catalog to view a complete list of all available courses and exams, summarized below. To sign up for a particular course, click Enroll, then click Launch to begin the training. You can revisit the courses as many times as you like by re-enrolling. To do so, click Re-enroll and then click Launch to retake the training course.


Jitterbit University Course List

An overview of each course offered through Jitterbit University is provided in this section, organized into courses focused on Cloud Studio, Design Studio, and other Harmony topics.

A detailed walkthrough of the course Introduction to Jitterbit Harmony Cloud Studio is also provided.