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Jitterbit App Builder Tutorial


This course is a practical introduction to App Builder.

It takes you through the process of building an example app, from initial design to final deployment.

The app is an equipment tracking application called AV Stock Room. App users check out items of audio-visual equipment from a notional media department, then check them in upon return. An email reminds users to return items before the loan period expires.

Time to Complete

1 hour 45 minutes.


No resources are available for this course.


There is currently no syllabus for this course.


Chapter 1:

  1. App Builder Introduction (5:41):
    • What App Builder does
    • Set up an environment
  2. App Builder Platform Orientation (6:33):
    • What the AV Stock Room app does
    • Create and name a new app
    • The App Builder main menu
    • The Employees and Profiles modules
  3. Modules - Part 1 (8:45):
    • Create a dropdown
    • Create the Equipment module and add fields
  4. Modules - Part 2 (9:49):
    • Create the Check Out module and add fields
  5. Relations & Dependencies (8:40):
    • Add relations, to show related data for selected records without changing modules
    • Add a dependency, to show or hide fields according to conditions
  6. UI Flows (12:55):
    • Add module buttons to trigger UI flows
    • Build UI flows, for checking out and checking in equipment
  7. Microflows (16:15):
    • Build microflows, to create and update check out records
  8. Branding (8:22):
    • Customizing the app's appearance
    • Configuring an SMTP server
  9. Email Reminders (7:31):
    • Build an additional microflow to send equipment return reminder emails
  10. Deployment (5:43):
    • Package and release the app
  11. User Views (13:50):
    • Running the deployed app with sample data
    • Views and reports
    • Profiles

Additional Information

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