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Introduction to Harmony Cloud Studio


Achieve a shorter time to value for your integration projects. This course is a comprehensive training that includes lecture, hands-on modules and quizzes to teach you the Harmony Platform. It is designed to empower new and existing Jitterbit users with the knowledge and expertise to design, deploy and manage their own Jitterbit implementations.

Time to Complete

8 hours


These resources are available for download in the Harmony Cloud Studio course:

  • Course syllabus
  • Lab training manual
  • Course transcript




  • Welcome and Introduction
    • What is the Harmony Cloud Studio
  • Chapter 1: Harmony Cloud Studio Overview
    • How to Access Cloud Studio & Create a Project
    • Project Designer Overview
    • Design Component Palette Overview
    • Project Pane Overview
    • Chapter 1 Quiz
  • Chapter 2: Operations within Cloud Studio
    • Parts of an Operation
    • Operations - Transformations & Scripts
    • Operation Validity
    • Chapter 2 Quiz
  • Chapter 3: Transformations within Cloud Studio
    • Introduction & Creation of Transformations
    • Transformation Basics
    • Transformation Mapping
    • Chapter 3 Quiz
  • Chapter 4: Learning Sandbox Registration
    • Learning Sandbox Registration Form
  • Chapter 5: Hands-On Modules [Part 1]
    • Module 1 - Database to Text
    • Module 2 - Database to Hierarchical XML
    • Module 3 - XML to Database
  • Chapter 6: Introduction to Scripting in the Jitterbit Cloud Studio
    • Introduction to Scripting
    • Variables
    • Custom Values
    • Chapter 6 Quiz
  • Chapter 7: Hands-On Modules [Part 2]
    • Module 4 - SOAP Web Service
    • Module 5 - RESTful Web Service
    • Module 6 - Creating a Schedule
    • Module 7 - Creating an Email Notification
  • Chapter 8: Administration & Best Practices within Cloud Studio
    • Administration within Cloud Studio
    • Chapter 8 Quiz

Lab Training Manual for Hands-On Modules

The Lab Training Manual is a set of supplemental pages on Success Central to assist you in completing the modules covered in this training course:

These pages can be used for reference after watching each video to help you complete the module before continuing to the next learning opportunity. These modules reinforce the concepts and skills learning throughout the course and will help you implement best practices when using the Harmony API Integration Platform.

Additional Information

For questions on training material, contact For additional support, visit Getting Support.