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Access Tokens


The Access Tokens page of the Management Console provides the ability to create and manage access tokens to be used with the EDI for Cloud v2 connector.

To access the Access Tokens page, log in to the Jitterbit Harmony Portal, then use the Harmony Portal menu in the top left to go to Management Console > Access Tokens:

management console access tokens

Make sure you are accessing the desired organization, which can be changed in the top navigation bar (see Changing the Selected Organization in Jitterbit Harmony Portal).


The Access Tokens page is available only in organizations with access to the Harmony EDI application.

Create an Access Token

Use the Add Token button to create a new access token:

After clicking Add Token, these configuration options become available:

  • Environment: From the menu, select the environment for the access token.

  • Description: Optionally, enter a description for the access token.

  • Actions: These actions are available during access token creation:

    • Submit: Click the submit icon to create the access token.

    • Cancel: Click the cancel icon to close the access token configuration without saving.

Access Tokens Table

Each row in the access tokens table displays access tokens created within the organization:

  • Token: The value of the access token.

  • Status: The status of the access token, toggled to either Active or Inactive. By default, all access tokens are set to Active. When set to Inactive, the access token becomes invalid and causes an EDI for Cloud v2 connection error:

    Error opening connection. Exception is: Error code: INVALID_TOKEN
  • Environment: The environment the access token belongs to within the organization.

  • Description: The description of the access token.

  • Scope: The scope of the access token (currently, EDI is the only supported scope).

  • Actions: These actions are available when hovering over the Actions column:

    • Copy: Click the copy icon copy icon to copy the access token value to your clipboard.

    • Edit: Click the edit icon edit icon to edit the access token's description.

    • Delete: Click the delete icon delete icon to delete the access token. A message asks you to confirm that you want to delete the access token.