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Marketplace Overview


Marketplace is Jitterbit's central repository for searching and using integration recipes and process templates to help you quickly create new projects.

Marketplace offers hundreds of integration recipes and process templates for endpoints such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Autodesk, Dynamics CRM, Zoho, Zendesk, Shopify, Magento, ConstantContact, DotMailer, ServiceNow, SAP, Clarizen, and more. By creating solutions with the most common endpoints, there's no need to start with a blank project.

Jitterbit Marketplace is available to all Jitterbit Harmony users. When you log in to the Jitterbit Harmony Portal, select the Marketplace tile and begin working with integration recipes and process templates.

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We provide the same level of support for Marketplace as we do for our other Harmony products. Learn more at Jitterbit Support.

Each process template contains complete documentation on prerequisites, installation, and use. You can find documentation on how to use the connectors and endpoints here on Success Central under the section Connectors.

Accessing Marketplace

Marketplace is accessed directly through the Jitterbit Harmony Portal.

From the Harmony Portal landing page, click the Marketplace application tile:

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The Marketplace landing page opens in tile view, where you can search for and download recipes and templates.

Recipes and Templates

Cloud Studio integration recipes are single, pre-built integration projects that move data in one direction between objects across two applications or systems, such as syncing Salesforce contacts to Constant Contact contacts. Integration recipes are available to all Jitterbit Harmony subscribers.

Cloud Studio process templates are pre-built integration use cases that accelerate the execution of a specific business process using numerous objects across multiple applications or systems. Process templates are designed to reduce the time to deployment by 50 to 80 percent and can be self-implemented, delivered by Jitterbit Professional Services, or delivered by an implementation partner.


Access to some process templates is dependent on your organization's subscription. For more information about process templates and subscriptions, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

After selecting an integration recipe or process template, the projects are created in Cloud Studio. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

In the case of a process template, you may need to install and configure custom fields at one or more endpoints or configure an API using Jitterbit Harmony API Manager. See the template documentation, available from Marketplace, for specifics on which components are required and how they need to be configured.

Accessing Recipes and Templates

Both integration recipes and process templates are available from Jitterbit Marketplace.

Users who are a member of a role with Read or Admin permission in the currently selected Harmony organization are able to browse all of the organization's integration recipes and process templates. In order to use a recipe or template, the role must also have Write access in the environment where you want to use the recipe or template. Further information on permissions and access levels is provided in Jitterbit Harmony Permissions and Access.

Users with the appropriate permissions can use all recipes in an environment where they have access. To use some templates may also require a specific organization subscription to Jitterbit Harmony. You can recognize these templates by the Get This Template link that appears when in tile or list view:

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Clicking the link displays a dialog:

click submit

Click Submit to send a message to a Customer Success Manager (CSM), who will contact you about getting the template.