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Search expressions


The Marketplace search bar lets you build a search expression by combining keywords and field-keyword pairs with operators.

To search by keyword, enter one or more words separated by spaces, then press return. Keyword searches are case-insensitive. To group words into a phrase, enclose them within double-quotes.

With two or more words, the search results are templates with any of the words in them. To find templates with all of the words, separate search terms with the AND operator.

Use the wildcard character ? to match any single character. Use the wildcard character * to match any number of characters, including none.

Keyword Search Examples
Search expression Search results
work Templates where the word work occurs.
work item Templates where either the words work or item occur.
"work item" Templates where the phrase work item occurs.
work* Templates where the title or description contains any word beginning with work (case insensitive). Matches Workday, Work.

Enter a field name, a colon, an optional space, and a search keyword. To match multiple keywords, enclose them in parenthesis. To match a group of words as a phrase, enclose them in double quotes.

The following field names are available:

Field Description
author Match the author name.
name Match the template name.
description Match the template description.
endpoints Match the endpoint name.
category Match the category.
type Match the type (recipe or template).

Except for category, all fields match against case-insensitive keywords, and can include wildcard characters.

Field-Keyword Search Examples
Search expression Search results
endpoints:netsuite Templates using NetSuite endpoint (same as selecting NetSuite in the Endpoints filter).
endpoints:s* Templates with endpoints beginning with s or S.
type:recipe Templates of type recipe (same as selecting Integration Recipe in the Type filter).
type:re* Templates with type beginning with re.
name:(work item) Templates with either the words work or item in the title.
name:"work item" Templates with the phrase work item in the title.
NOT author:(bmc jitterbit) Templates with author containing neither of the words bmc or jitterbit.

Search operators

The search operators are AND, OR, and NOT.

By default, a search of two or more search terms matches any of the terms—the OR operator is implied between each term. To match all search terms, separate them with the AND operator keyword.

To invert a search term, add the operator keyword NOT before it.

Search Operator Examples
Search bar expression Search results
work AND item Templates where both the words work and item occur in either the title or description.
work OR item Identical search to work item. (OR between terms is implied.)
NOT "work item" Templates where the phrase work item does not occur in neither the title nor the description.
NOT author:jitterbit Templates not authored by Jitterbit.