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Message Queue (Beta) Service


Jitterbit Harmony Message Queue (Beta) is a cloud-based, multi-tenant messaging queue service, where you can create and manage queues and messages through the Management Console Message Queues (Beta) page and the Jitterbit MQ (Beta) connector.

A message is any data that is transferred between two systems or applications. When a message (sent through the Jitterbit MQ (Beta) connector) is received by an application (the Message Queue (Beta) service), the application can place it in a queue, which contains messages arranged in the order in which they need to be acted upon or processed.

The Message Queue (Beta) service supports asynchronous processing, enabling you to manage your system workloads and resources with these components:

  • Message Queues (Beta) management page
    Use the Management Console Message Queues (Beta) page to perform these actions:

  • Jitterbit MQ (Beta) connector
    Use the Jitterbit MQ (Beta) connector to perform these actions:

    • Acknowledge messages in a message queue using the Acknowledge activity.

    • Retrieve all messages in a specific message queue using the Get activity.

    • Negatively acknowledge messages using the NACK activity.

    • Send messages to a message queue using the Send activity.


The Message Queue (Beta) service is hosted in Jitterbit's cloud datastore and is accessed through the Jitterbit MQ (Beta) connector. Message processing can be scheduled to occur at designated times through operation schedules.