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  • Choose Drain Stop to stop the Local Agent. If you use this option, make sure you have access to the Local Agent if you would like to restart the Agent later. The Agent cannot be restarted remotely from the Web Management Console and must be done manually on the Local Agent.
  • Choose Download Agent Log to open a prompt to select logs for detailed troubleshooting and auditing purposes. Check the logs you wish to download and click  Submit  to begin the download.

    hese NOTE: TThese logs can either be accessed via the Web Management Console as shown above or can be stored on local file storage devices such as file shares or SFTP and accessed from within a firewall. The Agent Groups and Agents do not automatically synchronize these with the cloud, as they typically include business data. By using your own storage devices, you can keep that data within a firewall or private cloud infrastructures.

    By default, an Agent Group will store logs for 1 to 14 days depending on the type of log.


    The Agent Group can be configured to clean up this data at other intervals using the CleanupRules defined in the Jitterbit Agent home installation directory.