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The main toolbar provides access to common functionality used within the system. This functionality is available in the Main Menu. The main toolbar buttons provide access to:

Create a new Operation - create a new project  operation item from this dialog:

Create a new Transformation - opens the Transformation Wizard to create a new data transformation.

Create a new Source - opens a screen to create a new data source and select a source type.

Create a new Target   opens the Web Service  Method Wizards screen.

Create a new Web Service Call - downloads a WSDL and create a new web service call for your operation.

Create a new HTTP Endpoint - creates a hosted endpoint used  to trigger operations.

Create a new File Format- creates a new file format and select a document type and format.

Create a new Schedule - creates a new  operation schedule and configure its occurrence, frequency and duration.

Create a new Email Message - creates an  email message to be triggered when an operation completes.

Create a new Script -  creates a script to run separately from transformations or to store logic for reuse in various mapping transformations. 

Create a new Project Variable  - creates a new  project variable.

Create a new Jitterbit Entity - creates a new  Jitterbit Entity  based on a database or SAP.

Create a new XSLT Transformation  - creates a new XSLT Transformation.

Create a new Salesforce Analytics  - creates a new set of data for Salesforce Analytics.

Select a Jitterbit Connect Wizard - starts a Jitterbit Connect wizard. Select a wizard for creating a standard integration, for example Database  to Text or XML to Database, or for creating a Salesforce integration.

When you click the icon, a list of standard and Salesforce integrations appears.

Connector Wizard  - access to several different connectors that Jitterbit provides. For information and procedures, see Connectors

Create a new, empty project - creates a  new project.

Save the Active Page - saves the content of the tab or item you have open and are currently editing.

Save All Edited Pages - saves the content in all tabs or items you have edited since they were last saved.

Deploy - deploys a project to Jitterbit Harmony.

Login to Jitterbit Harmony- changes the  logged-in user. When you are logged in, this icon is gold-colored. When you are logged off, this icon is grayed out.


Go to the Jittterbit Harmony Portal - opens and logs you into the Jitterbit Harmony Portal  in your web browser.
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