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Have a standard integration and want to get started quickly?

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Citizen Integrator


Jitterbit Harmony Citizen Integrator is Jitterbit's solution to help anyone quickly deploy basic integrations. Designed around the concept that those implementing an integration don't necessarily have IT or developer expertise – or time to learn the complexities of building an integration from scratch – you can now get your standard integration up and running quickly and easily.

Just select a standard Recipe, enter basic information into a user-friendly wizard, and test and run your project all from the Web Management Console. Go to Menu > Citizen Integrator to see what’s available and learn more at Citizen Integrator - Use Standard Recipes. The Citizen Integrator interface includes:

  • Dozens of standard Recipes created by Jitterbit, with more coming in the near future.
  • Endpoints including

    click-and-run web application for non-technical users to quickly customize and deploy integrations using pre-built recipes.

    Citizen Integrator includes more than 500 pre-built recipes created by Jitterbit, including endpoints such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Autodesk, Dynamics CRM, Zoho,


    Zendesk, Shopify, Magento, ConstantContact, DotMailer,

    and ServiceNow. Look for more endpoints in the coming months including Workday, Slack, and others!

    You can also create your own customized Recipes that you can then share with others in your organization.

    Build your own Recipes by bundling together your

    ServiceNow, SAP, Clarizen, and more.

    Log in to the Harmony Portal and choose Citizen Integrator to get started. These pages cover all available actions within our point-and-click web interface:

    NOTE: Citizen Integrator recipes can be generated from or imported into Design Studio only. At this time, recipes cannot be generated from or imported into Cloud Studio.

    Refer to these additional pages for working with Citizen Integrator Jitterpaks using Design Studio or managing recipes:

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    The Demands of the Digital Age Require a Smarter Approach to Integration

    Apps transformed the way we live. Now they’re transforming the way we work.

    You and your team are dealing with more data, applications and devices than ever. The pressure is on you to quickly build connections between all of these things — but traditional integration solutions simply cannot scale out fast enough to keep up with today’s business demands.

    Most integration technologies are designed to speak to apps, not users. Unless you speak SOA, ESB, SOAP or REST, you have to rely on the technical folks who do. And if you are one of the technical folks, everything has fallen to you, and you don’t have time to keep up.

    Introducing Citizen Integrator, by Jitterbit. It’s designed for marketers who need to automate and report on campaigns. For IT directors who need to offer self-service integration to other departments quickly and securely. For salespeople who want to deliver quotes faster and with the right product information.

    Jitterbit is designed for you to get connected today.

    Citizen Integrator: Modern Integration for the Digital Business

    Citizen Integrator combines the best of traditional integration with the new self-service needs of digital citizens.

    Now you can provide simple, self-service integration for your business. Non-technical users can connect apps and services in an intuitive, step-by-step experience without exhausting valuable IT resources. And your company can manage and monitor all your integrations on a central integration platform to ensure the quality and consistency your business demands.

    One Platform: Limitless Opportunities

    Citizen Integrator is built on Jitterbit’s leading cloud integration platform, Harmony. There are no new products to install or configure. Citizen Integrator is ideal when you need:

    • Centralized Self-Service Integration. Expose pre-built integration examples in your business application, corporate IT portal, or product offering. You control the presentation and integrations that are available to your end-users.
    • Repeatable, Standardized Integration. Quickly deploy pre-built integration recipes to multiple environments and customers. You can even build your own recipes and publish them to the world — or keep them private if you prefer.
    • Quick Integration Between Popular Endpoints. Citizen Integrator comes with an ever-growing library of recipes that connect a variety of applications using standard fields and best practices design patterns. Now you can have common integrations up and running in minutes.

    Citizen Integrator Brings Harmony to Your Digital Business

    Citizen Integrator is available with all versions of Harmony. With Harmony and Citizen you can:

    • Mix and match recipes in your Citizen Integration user experience. Show your own recipes or choose from Harmony’s Recipe Library.
    • Manage all of your integrations in one place. No matter where your integrations are built or deployed, you can control all of them within Harmony’s Management Console.
    • Use Harmony Smart Agent for enterprise-class performance, security and deployment options.
    • Customize deployed recipes within Harmony’s Design Studio.
    • Create recipes from any integration you’ve built in Harmony. 

    Key Benefits

    • Shorten integration development and implementation time with a large selection of out-of-the-box recipes connecting popular endpoints such Salesforce, Netsuite, Shopify, Magento and ZenDesk.
    • Free IT staff from the burden of building connections with selfservice capabilities, while still having governance, control and the ability to customize within in a powerful, secure iPaaS platform.
    • Add value by overcoming integration project backlogs and becoming a proactive leader in your company’s march toward digital transformation.

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