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Single Sign-On


Jitterbit enables you to authenticate with Harmony using the common single sign-on (SSO) standards SAML 2.0 or OAuth 2.0.

This is managed at the organization level. Your Jitterbit org Admin can set up SSO to require members to authenticate with your chosen identity provider. Admins can also add individual users to bypass SSO and instead use Harmony credentials, giving you the flexibility to manage contractors, support personnel, or others separately from the rest of your team.

Jitterbit has confirmed SSO support with these Identity Providers:

  • Autodesk (OAuth 2.0)
  • Google (OAuth 2.0)
  • Okta (SAML 2.0)
  • Salesforce (SAML 2.0)

In addition, you may configure SSO with another SAML 2.0 identify provider by exploring the proper configuration on your own. However, SSO configuration with identity providers other than those listed above has not been tested.

To set up SSO, first configure each Harmony client (Harmony Portal and/or Design Studio) as a service provider within the identity provider of your choice, and then enable and configure SSO for your organization within Jitterbit.