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Citizen Integrator is Jitterbit's click-and-run web application for non-technical users to quickly customize and deploy pre-built integrations.

Each recipe includes an associated Design Studio Jitterpak containing the project metadata. Outside of Citizen Integrator, these Jitterpaks can be imported into Design Studio to use as reference or as a starting point to design another project. When you import a project, you will be prompted to update endpoint credentials such as database, SMTP email server, username, and password to ones that you can access.

Within the description of each provided Jitterpak, these actions are used to describe the interaction with your data:

  • Extract: An extraction is a copy of the data from a source endpoint.
  • Migrate: A migration is a one-time loading of data, and is intended to be used as an initial seeding of data from a source endpoint to a target endpoint.
  • Sync: A synchronization is a one-way transfer of data from a source endpoint to a target endpoint, and is intended to be used as changes that occur in the source endpoint need to be reflected in the target endpoint over time.
  • Insert: An insert creates new records in a target endpoint.
  • Update: An update updates existing records that already exist in the target endpoint.
  • Upsert: An upsert both creates new records that do not yet exist, and updates records that already exist in the target endpoint.
NOTE: Additional details about each Jitterpak's fields and properties are provided within the Introduction step of configuring the recipe in Citizen Integrator, accessed via the Jitterbit Harmony Portal.

To download each Jitterpak, refer to the Citizen Integrator Jitterpaks page on Success Central, which contains a complete list of more than 500 Jitterpaks provided by Jitterbit. These endpoints are included:

Last updated:  Feb 29, 2020

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