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File Share Connector


The File Share connector is accessed from the Connectivity tab of the design component palette:

This connector is used to first configure a File Share connection for access to a shared network, and then to configure one or more File Share activities associated with that connection to use as a source or target within an operation or script:

  • Read: Reads data from a File Share connection and is used as a source in an operation or called in a script.
  • Write: Writes data to a File Share connection and is used as a target in an operation or called in a script.

Together, a specific File Share connection and its activities are referred to as a File Share endpoint. Once a connection is configured, activities associated with the endpoint are available from the Endpoints filter:

Important Notes

The file share connection credentials that you provide must be sufficient to perform the activities configured for the connection. The endpoint is limited by these restrictions imposed by the file share you are accessing:

  • Security and access controls. The endpoint is bound by the security and access controls defined for the user for the given file share.
  • Number of connections. If the file share permits only a certain number of connections, the endpoint is bound by this number.
  • Presence of concurrent users. Most file shares do not permit multiple users changing a given file concurrently, so if a file is being used by another user or process, the activity will not be able to change it.
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Last updated:  Mar 09, 2020

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