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Welcome to our API Creation and Management training course using the Jitterbit Harmony API Manager. This is designed to teach you how to create, run, and secure APIs within the Jitterbit iPaaS platform. This course will be a combination of lecture and demonstration, along with hands-on assignments. To complete the hands-on examples, you will need access to a REST client. We will be demonstrating in Postman but any client will work. As this course is focused on API creation and management, previous experience with the Jitterbit iPaaS platform is required. If you do not have previous experience, we suggest delaying this course, and first completing the Jitterbit Foundations and Jitterbit Core courses.

Time to Complete

3 hours


These resources are available for download in the API Creation and Management course:

  • Training manual
  • API Creation and Management Jitterpak
  • Customer JSON structure
  • Customer response JSON structure
  • Form data structure
  • Course transcript



  • Welcome and Introduction
    • Learning Sandbox Registration
  • Chapter 1: API Lectures
    • API Overview
    • Connect
    • Publish
    • Manage
    • API Lecture Quiz
  • Chapter 2: Setup
    • Examples and Assignments
    • Learning Sandbox Registration
    • Project Setup
    • Overview
  • Chapter 3: Triggering an Operation and Response Variables
    • Example 1 - Triggering an Operation
    • Assignment: Recreate Example 1
    • Example 1 Part 2 - Response Variables
    • Assignment: Recreate Example 1 Part 2
  • Chapter 4: Final Target Response and Query Parameters
    • Example 2 - Triggering an Operation with Response
    • Assignment: Recreate Example 2
    • Example 2 Part 2 - Query Parameters 
    • Assignment: Recreate Example 2 Part 2
  • Chapter 5: POST with JSON Response
    • Example 3 - POST with JSON Response
    • Assignment: Recreate Example 3
  • Chapter 6: JSON POST with Header Authentication
    • Example 4 - JSON POST with Header Authentication
    • Assignment: Recreate Example 4
  • Chapter 7: Additional Topics
    • Jitterbit OData
    • SOAP APIs - Part 1
    • SOAP APIs - Part 2
    • Jitterbit API Proxy
    • Documenting APIs
    • API Analytics and API Logs
    • API Assignments Exam

Additional Information

As you progress through these courses, there may be times that questions arise. If you have questions related to your class material, please send an email to and one of the team members will respond as soon as possible. If you have other technical questions, please choose an option on the Getting Support page.

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Last updated:  Apr 27, 2020

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