Jitterbit Harmony is Jitterbit's modern, multi-tenant, born-in-the-cloud integration and API platform. This page provides system requirements and installation instructions for Jitterbit Harmony products.

NOTE: For system requirements for other Jitterbit products not included with Harmony, see Data Loader and Legacy Version 5.x.

Jitterbit Harmony Portal

The Jitterbit Harmony Portal is accessible at and does not require any additional hardware or software installation. The Harmony Portal provides web-based access to these Jitterbit Harmony products:

These major browsers are supported:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari (macOS only)

In order to communicate with the Harmony cloud and run the Harmony Portal, JavaScript needs to be enabled and outbound port 443 (HTTPS) needs to be open. This port is normally allowed by corporate server firewalls.

Jitterbit Harmony Design Studio

Jitterbit Harmony Design Studio is Jitterbit Harmony's desktop project design application where you can design, test, and deploy your integration projects. The system requirements and installation instructions provided below apply to Design Studio versions 7.x – 10.x. See also System Requirements for Design Studio.

NOTE: Another option for project design is to use Cloud Studio, our next-generation project designer featuring a modern and collaborative user experience with a cloud-based UI.

Jitterbit Harmony Private Agents

Jitterbit Harmony Private Agents use an on-premises server or private cloud to enable connectivity to your data. Private Agents allow you to choose where your integration runs and control which network your data travels and resides in. These system requirements and installation instructions apply to Jitterbit Private Agents through versions 10.x. See also System Requirements for Private Agents.

Installation Instructions

Prior to installing Private Agent(s), see Agent Groups High Availability and Load Balancing for recommendations that allow for high availability (active/active) and load balancing.


Installation on a Windows system is covered in Installing a Jitterbit Harmony Windows Agent.


Installation on a Linux system is covered in Installing a Jitterbit Harmony Linux Agent.