Creating a Salesforce Update Operation

This page described how to create a Salesforce Update operation using the Jitterbit Connect Salesforce Update Wizard.

The wizard follows these steps:

Start the Wizard

  • To start the wizard, click the Salesforce Update button in the Jitterbit Connect Wizard menu, which opens the wizard.

Salesforce Login

Select the Salesforce Object

Define the Source

Create a Schedule and Set Options

  • Click the Response Option checkbox if you need to interact with the response from Salesforce and want to map information directly from that response:
  • When finished, click Next to move to the Summary screen.

Summary Screen

On the Summary, you can edit the Name given to the wizard and specify whether to use the wizard’s Automapper to map the data:

  • Click Map & Finish to complete the wizard.
  • If you need to create or approve a transformation mapping, you will be taken to that screen.
  • Otherwise, the design items for your insert will be created and become visible in the Project Items panel on the left side of the screen and you will be taken to the operation's Salesforce Insert page.

Transformation Mapping

If you chose Select an existing File Format (or created a new one) in the Target screen of the wizard, the transformation mapping appears in your work area.

Completed Salesforce Update

  • Once completed, you will be taken to the summary screen for the new Salesforce Update.
  • You can return to this summary page by finding its operation name under Jitterbit Connect in the Project Items panel.
  • You can modify any of the design items in your project such as Salesforce Login, Read data from, Mappings, Operation, and Run on Schedule by clicking their adjacent Edit button.
  • The Run Update, Test Update, Result History, and Delete button functions are described below in Deploy the Project and Run the Operation
  • Advanced Options include operation options such as chunking and field truncation. They are covered below in Advanced Options.

Advanced Options

These advanced options are available for a Salesforce Update:

Deploy the Project and Run the Operation

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