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5.x Design Studio Project Tree

The project tree enables you to access and manipulate any component in the project. You can right-click on an item to view a menu of actions available for that item


  • The project tree also enables you to highlight invalid items, or items not deployed by clicking the arrowdown16.
  • Click the expandtree16 or expandtree16, to expand or collapse the tree.
  • The tree has a simple search functionality, which makes it easier to find items in a large project.
  • Select Filter from the drop-down menu accessed through the arrowdown16 button to open the search field.
  • Typing in the field hides all project items except the ones whose names contains the text searched for.
  • Click the Close button to the right of the field to close the field and remove the filter.
  • The search field can also be opened from anywhere in the UI by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F.
  • Pressing CTRL+W while inside the search field closes the field.