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5.x Download a project

Jitterbit Enterprise offers the option of downloading a server project.

Follow these steps:

  • In Jitterbit Enterprise, click File > Download Project.

  • The Administration pane opens on the left and displays a Download Project workspace on the right.

  • Select a Server to access the server from which to download.

  • If you are prompted for a server login, click the Login button.

  • The View Available Backups button on the right side of the workspace is activated. Click this button.

  • A list of available server project backups displays in the workspace.

  • You may select or deselect the Show Operations and Show Schedules checkboxes as desired.

  • To narrow the project list, you may type the first few letters of a component in the Filter window. The server list will then display only the components whose names match the filter.

  • Select a project to download.

  • Note: To activate the Download Selected Project button, you must select an item whose name begins with the word "Project" and a colon, e.g., "Project: Query SFDC Account."

  • Click the Download Selected Project button.

  • You will receive a progress message; then the message "Reading project" will appear in the lower left corner of your workspace.

  • When the download is complete, the Select Server button disappears and the View Available Backups button is deactivated.