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5.x Restore from Local Machine Backup

You can restore an entire project or components of a project from a local-machine backup.

  • When the Design pane is displayed, Click File > Restore from Backup.
  • From the Select a Day dropdown, Select the day and time of the project backup from which you need to restore objects.
  • Click Select Backup. A list of items in the selected backup project displays.
  • From the list, Select one or more objects that you wish to restore and Click Restore Selected Item.
  • Jitterbit will identify any dependencies associated with the object you need to restore and prompt you to include these in the restore.
  • Jitterbit checks whether a newer object exists in your project and asks you if you wish to replace that object with the restored object or leave it unchanged.
  • When you have responded the restore will execute.

See also: To use the additional option of restoring from a server backup. Click here for details.