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5.x Create a Schedule

Schedules contain information about when an operation will automatically be activated. Jitterbit lets you define virtually any type of schedule you need, such as every Friday at 5pm, the last Friday of each quarter, or every hour for one day.

Follow these instructions to create a new schedule:

  1. If you have not already done so, open the Design tab by selecting Design from the View menu.

  2. Make sure you have opened the appropriate project in which you want to create the new schedule.

  3. There are several ways you can start to create a new schedule:

    1. Select New in the File menu, then choose New Schedule from the sub-menu; or

    2. Click the down arrow next to the file icon in the toolbar, then choose New Schedule from the sub-menu; or

    3. Right-click on Schedules in the hierarchical tree in the Design tab in the left pane of the screen, then choose New Schedule from the popup menu.

  4. Your new schedule appears in its own New Schedule tab in the right pane of the window.

  5. Enter an appropriate name for your new schedule in the Schedule Name field.

  6. (Optional) If you want to increase or decrease the priority of a scheduled operation, you can change the value in the Priority dropdown list.

Set the Occurrence

Next, choose when this schedule should occur. You have three options:

  • This schedule will activate every day, or every few days

  • This schedule will activate during a specified set of days of the week

  • This schedule will activate on a monthly basis

Set the Frequency

Once the occurrence has been set, you need to determine the schedule's frequency. You have two options:

  • This schedule should activate only once

  • This schedule will repeatedly re-activate for a specified period of time throughout the day

Set the Duration

The last section to configure is the schedule's duration.

  1. Click the calendar button next to the Starting at field to select the desired start date.

  2. (Optional) If you want the schedule to end on a particular date, select the checkbox next to Ending at, then click the calendar button to select the desired end date.


Start and End dates in a schedule are inclusive.