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5.x Review and Delete Pending Operations in the Operations Queue

Pending processes are operations that have been activated and are queued to be processed by the software. You can review the contents of this queue for pending operations and you can delete operations from the queue.

There are several ways you can open the operation queue:

  • Select the operation in the Design pane, right-click and select Operation Queue from the drop-down menu, or

  • Click the Show Queue icon in the definition screen for that operation, or

  • In the Administration tab's Activity pane, download the list of deployed operations, right-mouse click the desired operation, then choose Operation Queue from the sub-menu.

The Operation Queue displays in a separate tab.

  • Click the Refresh button to download the latest queue information from the server.

  • (Optional) You can delete any pending process if you do not require it to execute by clicking the Delete button next to the appropriate entry.

  • (Optional) If you want to delete all the pending operations, click the Delete All button.


  • There is no "undo" function for deleting a pending operation!!!

  • Operations are held in the queue until they have completed.

  • If you delete an "active" operation that is already being processed by the software, it will be removed from this list and the system will stop processing it.

  • If the target for this "interrupted" operation is a file, you can delete or overwrite this partially created file.

  • If the operation's target is a database, you may need to manually clean up the database tables as some of the transformed information may already have been written to your target database before the operation was interrupted.