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8.7.4 Data Loader release notes

Data Loader release notes – March 2016

Data Loader is Jitterbit's free product used for basic data integration with Salesforce. Log in to the Harmony portal and access the Downloads page to download the latest version of Data Loader. For support, ask the Data Loader community or check the Data Loader documentation.

More advanced integrations require Harmony, which can connect with almost any type of data, app, or device and supports bidirectional synchronization, automated processes, and real-time connectivity. Upgrading to the latest Data Loader version is strongly encouraged for enhanced performance and security. Learn more in Harmony vs. Data Loader Comparison.

Release highlights

  • Removed the unsupported Save As option from the File menu.

  • Added back missing script function documentation and examples.

  • Improvement: Other miscellaneous improvements.

  • Fix: Fixed regression that caused segmentation fault when processing empty text files.

  • Security: Upgraded bundled JRE to Java 8u72.