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10.45 Harmony release notes

10.45 Harmony release

The 10.45 Harmony release date is by region and component as listed below. This page includes release notes for all components being released as part of 10.45. See the related pages for Production Cloud Agent Group releases, Sandbox Cloud Agent Group releases, and Private agent releases for a compilation of updates limited to each of those components.


As of 16 November 2021, private agent version 10.27 has reached end of life and is no longer supported. We recommend that all users of these (and earlier) versions upgrade to the latest versions as soon as practicable.

Harmony portal and Sandbox Cloud Agent Group

The Harmony portal and Sandbox Cloud Agent Group are automatically updated as of these dates:

  • APAC: 2 December 2021 (AEDT), 1 December 2021 (PST)

  • EMEA: 2 December 2021

  • NA: 6 December 2021

Production Cloud Agent Group and private agents

The Production Cloud Agent Group is automatically updated and Windows and Linux private agent downloads are available from the Harmony portal Downloads page as of these dates:

  • APAC: 8 December 2021 (AEDT), 7 December 2021 (PST)

  • EMEA: 8 December 2021

  • NA: 9 December 2021

The Docker private agent is available at Docker Hub at the conclusion of the NA region release:

  • APAC: 10 December 2021 (1 pm AEDT)

  • EMEA: 10 December 2021 (3 am CET)

  • NA: 9 December 2021 (6 pm PST)

New features

Cloud Studio

  • Apache Kafka connector
    A new connector for Apache Kafka allows you to get messages from and send messages to a Kafka server. The connector supports SASL/Plain authentication and will automatically be downloaded by 10.1 and later agents as required.


API Manager

  • User experience improvements
    When reopening the API Manager My APIs page after using filters, those same filters are now pre-applied. In addition, sorting in list view now ignores case in ascending and descending order.

Cloud Studio

  • New EDI for Cloud connector activity
    The EDI for Cloud Set Status activity allows you to update the status of each transaction downloaded from eiCloud back onto eiCloud once Harmony has finished processing the transaction(s).

  • New Zendesk connector activity
    The Zendesk Search activity allows you to conduct paginated searches on a selected object by specifying a page number and page size.

  • New Microsoft Teams connector activity
    The Microsoft Teams List Channels activity lists the channels in a Microsoft Teams endpoint.

  • Amazon SQS Get Messages activity now supports auto-deletion
    The Amazon SQS Get Messages activity has a new Auto-Delete Messages from Queue checkbox to auto-delete received messages from the queue after processing.

  • ServiceNow connection now supports additional configuration properties
    The ServiceNow connection has a new Other Configurations checkbox that uses specified key-value pairs when using private agents. Supported properties (with example values provided in parentheses) include GetColumnsMetadata (OnUse), CacheMetadata (true), CacheTolerance (1000), AutoCache (true), Pagesize (100), Timeout (300), Logfile (C:\log), and Verbosity (1 to 5).



  • Windows Quiet Agent Installer no longer produces a database error
    The Windows Quiet Agent Installer now succeeds instead of producing a database connection error under certain circumstances.

API Manager and Cloud Studio

  • IP allowlisting no longer prevents app access
    Members of organizations using the Enable Whitelist IP Range organization policy can now access API Manager and Cloud Studio as expected.

Cloud Studio

  • Schedule deploy errors no longer occur
    Members of organizations using the Override Schedule Agent Time Zone organization policy can now deploy projects that contain multiple schedules.

  • Mappings are no longer incorrectly changed
    When transformations that share the same target schema are open simultaneously in different browser windows, editing mapping values in one transformation no longer incorrectly changes the mappings in other transformations.

  • Hidden project variable values are no longer incorrectly cleared
    After updating a plain text project variable value through the Management Console, hidden project variable values in a project no longer become cleared when the project variable values are re-synced with Cloud Studio.

  • Connector Builder no longer adds extra path parameters
    When you add a Path Parameter to an activity during creation of a Connector Builder connector, a second path parameter with a similar name is no longer unexpectedly created.

Harmony platform

  • Log messages are no longer delayed
    Occasional delays in the appearance of log messages in operation logs no longer occur.



  • NetSuite deprecation of HMAC-SHA1
    Changes are required to any projects using HMAC-SHA1 as the signature algorithm. For a timeline of key dates and instructions on how to change the signature algorithm, see NetSuite HMAC-SHA1 deprecation.


    As NetSuite will no longer support HMAC-SHA1, you must change any Harmony projects that are presently using HMAC-SHA1 as the signature algorithm to use HMAC-SHA256 instead as soon as possible to avoid issues with those integrations.