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Fall 2020 Harmony Release


Log in to the Harmony Portal to access the latest version of Cloud Studio, API Manager, Marketplace, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or download the latest version of Design Studio, Private Agents, or the Private API Gateway. For support, visit Getting Support.

What's New in the Harmony Fall '20 Release

Discover what's new in Fall '20, consisting of Harmony releases 10.24 through 10.27.

Harmony 10.27

The 10.27 release date is by region:

  • APAC: Released 11 November 2020

  • EMEA: Released 12 November 2020

  • NA: Released November 16, 2020

Cloud Studio

  • The Jira connector supports two new activities, Search Filter and Search Dashboard.

  • Operations and operation chains can be duplicated on the design canvas.

  • Manual redefinition of loop nodes is now possible, with the new commands Define loop node, Remove loop node, and Remove loop nodes and mappings.

  • New environments are visible immediately without relogging in to Cloud Studio.

  • The Duplicate Mapping Node command is no longer erroneously displayed.

Agents, Cloud Studio, and Design Studio

  • Support for NetSuite WSDL version 2020.2.

Harmony 10.26

The 10.26 release date is by region:

  • APAC: Released 21 October 2020

  • EMEA: Released 22 October 2020

  • NA: Released October 26, 2020


  • A new agent configuration option allows the removal of extra linefeeds when posting data.

Agents and Design Studio

  • TLS 1.0 is supported with agents 10.5 and later.

Cloud Studio

API Manager

  • Searching with multiple filters on the API Logs screen returns the correct results.

Harmony 10.25

The 10.25 release date is by region:

  • APAC: Released 30 September 2020

  • EMEA: Released 1 October 2020

  • NA: Released October 5, 2020

Agents, Cloud Studio, and Design Studio

  • Custom fields no longer disappear on a schema refresh. This fix requires the use of a Cloud Agent or Private Agent version 10.25 or higher.

Cloud Studio

  • The Shopify connector can use the Shopify REST Admin Product API 2020-07 release.
  • In addition to supporting Workday API versions 32.0, 32.1, 32.2, 33.0, 33.1, we now support versions 33.2, 34.0, 34.1, and 34.2.
  • Validating project components that affect other components occurs quicker than previously.

Harmony 10.24

The 10.24 release date is by region:

  • APAC: Released 9 September 2020

  • EMEA: Released 10 September 2020

  • NA: Released September 14, 2020

Agents and Cloud Studio

  • You can configure a NetSuite connection to use the new Retry on concurrent exception feature to retry a rejected request when NetSuite's governance limit for concurrent requests is reached.

API Manager

  • Publishing cloned Proxy APIs now occurs without errors.

Cloud Studio

  • The HubSpot connector has been redesigned with renamed activities and UI changes. This replaces the old connector.
  • We have added a Retry option to the HTTP connector to retry a request when server error codes are returned.
  • API SOAP activities now generate the correct schemas.