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5.6.5 Harmony release notes


Jitterbit version 5.x is the legacy Jitterbit product. Jitterbit strongly recommends that all customers upgrade to Harmony.

Additional release – July 16, 2016


  • Fixed the problem when trying to enable mod_ssl. This release upgrades Apache to 2.4.23, which utilizes openSSL version 1.0.2t.

Release notes – June 2016


  • Fixed problem with connecting to JSCH SFTP servers.

  • Installer now makes a copy of conf files during upgrades.

  • Security Improvement: Disabled HTTP TRACE method.

  • Security Improvement: SOAPMonitor service and servlet disabled.

  • Improvement: Apache Tomcat Connector is set to only listen to

  • Fixed problem with HTTP Content-Type override for sources if it's not the first header.

  • Fixed segmentation fault when deploying certain Microsoft Excel projects.

  • Fixed problem where the server would crash due to null pointer when a Jitterpak is deployed.

  • Fixed problem where the Operation History Count did not populate the source/target count to a database from a Salesforce query when $ is set to true.

  • Upgraded Java to 8u91.

  • Upgraded libssh2 to 1.7.0.

  • Upgraded OpenSSL to v1.0.1t.