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5.6.6 Harmony Release Notes


Jitterbit version 5.x is the legacy Jitterbit product. Jitterbit strongly recommends that all customers upgrade to Harmony. For more information, see Upgrading from Jitterbit v5.x to Harmony and Get Started.

Download the latest version of the v5.x Studio and v5.x Jitterbit Server at Customer Downloads. For support, visit Jitterbit Support.

Release Notes – August 18, 2017


  • Upgraded the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) bundled with the v5 Jitterbit Studio for macOS to version 8u121.


  • Fixed handling of empty SOAP headers so that the SOAP web service handler can now handle an empty SOAP header.

  • Upgraded the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to version 8u121.

  • Upgraded Curl to version 7.51.0.

  • Upgraded the OpenSSL library to version 1.0.2k.

  • Upgraded the SSH library libssh2 to version 1.8.0.

  • Upgraded the Bouncy Castle library to version 138.

  • Upgraded the Apache Tomcat server to version 8.0.37.

  • Upgraded the Apache HTTP Server to version 2.4.25.

  • Upgraded the Apache Commons Codec library to version 1.10.

  • Upgraded the Apache Commons Collections library to version 3.2.2.

  • Upgraded several Apache HttpComponents libraries including HttpClient to 4.5.2 and HttpCore to 4.4.4.

  • Upgraded the Apache Xerces XML parser to version 3.1.4, which is compliant with Document Object Model (DOM) Level 3. This required a change to use "true" and "false" instead of "1" and "0" when generating the xsi:nil attribute.

  • Upgraded XercesImpl to version 2.11.0.SP4.

  • Upgraded the Apache Xalan-C library to version 1.11.

  • Upgraded Xerces-C to version 3.14 and Axis for Linux.