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Spring 2019 Harmony release


Log in to the Harmony portal to access the latest version of Cloud Studio, API Manager, Marketplace, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or download the latest version of Design Studio, private agents, or the private API gateway. For support, visit Getting support.

What's new in Harmony spring '19 release

Discover what's new in our Spring '19 release!

Watch the recorded webinar for a complete walkthrough of Spring '19.

Cloud Studio

  • Introducing our next-generation integration designer, featuring a modern and collaborative user experience with a cloud-based UI.
  • Greater connectivity: use the new Connector Builder and Connector SDK to build connectivity to any endpoint:
    • Connector Builder easily creates reusable REST-based connectivity
    • Connector SDK enables developers to build sophisticated connectors
  • Detailed documentation of Cloud Studio features will be available in the new Cloud Studio section of Success Central.


  • New Cloud Studio connectors for Evernote, Google Drive, HubSpot, Magento, and SugarCRM are now available to use with agents version 10.1 or higher. The new connectors can be accessed on the right side of the project designer from the design component palette.
  • LDAP passwords can be set and updated in Jitterbit Script using the LDAP functions.

API Manager

  • Private API gateway proxy API calls are now logged. Proxy API calls made through a private API gateway are now displayed within the API Logs page of the API Manager, as they are for custom API calls.
  • API proxy can be now filtered by "Type" (one of All, Custom API, OData API, Proxy API) in the API Manager landing page.
  • The Portal Manager and Security Profile pages of the API Manager are now controlled based on environment-level instead of org-level permissions. An environment with write permissions will have full access to these features. An environment with read permission will have read-only access to these features.
  • An error message is now shown if a user enters an API URL prefix whose length is more than the 48 character limit while creating an environment.

Jitterbit Salesforce connector

  • Added support for the PK Chunking feature to the Salesforce bulk query operation.

Harmony platform

  • The registration email field of Harmony now accepts extended character sets.
  • The email address entered in the Jitterbit user registration screen is now validated at the time of entry.
  • A user is now redirected to an existing session's landing page if they attempt to login with a different user ID in the same browser.
  • The links in the "Support & Learning" section of the landing page labelled "More" for Studio, API Manager, and Management Console have been updated to current links.

Harmony portal

  • A new downloads page is available from the Harmony portal menu located in the upper left of each page of the Harmony portal. The new page displays only the downloads appropriate for the currently selected organization.
  • Improved the error message shown when a user tries to create a new environment when they do not have the appropriate permission or entitlement.

Private API gateway

  • The private API gateway installer has been improved to allow for DNS configuration and self-testing to ensure that the gateway is functioning properly and is able to connect to the Harmony platform. In addition, you can now use the --help command to access a basic overview.