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10.0 Harmony Release Notes

10.0.1 Harmony Release Notes

Released April 18, 2019 in EMEA and April 22, 2019 in NA

Included in this release are updates to the Harmony Portal, Cloud Studio, and API Manager.


Cloud Studio

  • A new prompt provides a path forward if the Cloud Studio application becomes unresponsive
    If Cloud Studio becomes unresponsive, you are now prompted to refresh the page or return to the project index. In this situation, we recommend first trying to refresh the page; if that doesn't work, return to the project index and reopen the project.

  • Error when testing a Salesforce connection now provides a reason why
    If testing a Cloud Studio Salesforce connection fails, the error message is now more descriptive about the reason for the connection failure, using the API response received from Salesforce.


Harmony Portal

  • The Harmony Quick Start wizard now associates new environments correctly
    When using the Harmony Quick Start wizard to configure integrations to run in the cloud, you can again use a dropdown to associate the environment with either of the two Jitterbit Cloud Agent Groups. This dropdown was inadvertently removed with the 10.0 release and is now back. For any environments that were previously created, you can associate the Agent Group through the Management Console Environments page.

API Manager

  • The number of available URLs is now reported accurately
    The number of API and proxy URLs that are currently being used out of the number of URLs available with your current subscription is now reported accurately on the Custom API configuration page. When all available URLs are already in use, the button to create a new API or proxy will be disabled. To increase the number of available URLs, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Cloud Studio

  • Removing invalid field mappings doesn't crash the transformation
    Invalid field mappings caused by clearing the schema on the source side of a transformation can now be removed without the target side of the transformation becoming unresponsive.

  • Node duplication for custom hierarchical schemas now works
    When using a custom hierarchical schema on the target side of a transformation, using the option to duplicate a mapping node again works. Previously, the duplicate node would not be created and the schema would remain the same.

  • NetSuite advanced searches with transaction, item, or custom objects can now be configured
    During configuration of a Cloud Studio NetSuite Search activity using an advanced search on transaction, item, or custom objects where sub-types must be selected, you can now successfully complete the activity configuration without becoming "stuck" at step 3.

10.0 Harmony Release Notes

Released April 4, 2019 in EMEA and April 8, 2019 in NA

Included in this release:

  • GA (general availability) release of the new Harmony Cloud Studio
  • Updates to Agents, API Manager, Design Studio, and the Harmony Portal
  • Update to the Sandbox Cloud Agent Group

Design Studio and Private Agent installers are available as of April 8, 2019.

The Sandbox Cloud Agent Group was upgraded from version 9.9.0 to 10.0.0, including all changes up to and including the 10.0.0 release.

New Features

Cloud Studio

  • Introducing our next-generation integration designer, featuring a modern and collaborative user experience with a cloud-based UI
  • Greater connectivity: use the new Connector Builder and Connector SDK to build connectivity to any endpoint
    • Connector Builder easily creates reusable REST-based connectivity
    • Connector SDK enables developers to build sophisticated connectors
  • Detailed documentation of Cloud Studio features will be available in the new Cloud Studio section of Success Central

Enhancements and Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with the SAP Connector driver when it is installed for the first time on a Harmony Linux Agent

API Manager

  • API Proxy can be now filtered by "Type" (one of All, Custom API, OData API, Proxy API) in the API Manager landing page
  • Fixed an issue with using multiple verbs on a proxy call
  • Fixed a caching issue that caused permission errors when a user choose to remain signed in when the auto log out window appeared
  • Fixed an issue where an environment refresh in the Portal Manager caused errors in subsequent navigation of API Manager pages
  • Fixed an issue in API Proxy that prevented multiple forward slashes in a service path

Harmony Platform

  • The registration email field of Harmony now accepts extended character sets
  • The email address entered in the Jitterbit user registration screen is now validated at the time of entry
  • A user is now redirected to an existing session's landing page if they attempt to login with a different user ID in the same browser
  • The links in the "Support & Learning" section of the landing page labelled "More" for Studio, API Manager, and Management Console have been updated to current links
  • Fixed an issue with a user being routed to the login page unexpectedly when following the instructions for a forgotten password