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9.9 Harmony release notes Harmony release notes

Released March 14, 2019 in EMEA and March 13, 2019 in NA

Included in this immediate release is a patch fix to API Manager.


API Manager

  • Fixed a problem where a user was logged out after discarding changes while editing the debug mode of an API Proxy.
  • Fixed a problem where, when creating a new API, clicking the "Save and Publish" button resulted in an error message that an unknown exception had occurred and the API was not created.

9.9 Harmony release notes

Released March 7, 2019 in EMEA and March 11, 2019 in NA

Included in this release are updates to agents, API Manager, Design Studio and Jitterbit Salesforce Connector, Harmony portal, and private API gateway. Design Studio and private agent installers were available March 11, 2019.



  • LDAP passwords can be set and updated in Jitterbit Script using the LDAP functions.

API Manager

  • The Portal Manager and Security Profile pages of the API Manager are now controlled based on environment-level instead of org-level permissions. An environment with write permissions will have full access to these features. An environment with read permission will have read-only access to these features.
  • An error message is now shown if a user enters an API URL prefix whose length is more than the 48 character limit while creating an environment.

Design Studio and Jitterbit Salesforce connector

  • Added support for the PK Chunking feature to the Salesforce bulk query operation.

Harmony portal

  • A new downloads page is available from the Harmony portal menu located in the upper left of each page of the Harmony portal. The new page displays only the downloads appropriate for the currently selected organization.
  • Improved the error message shown when a user tries to create a new environment when they do not have the appropriate permission or entitlement.



  • Fixed an issue with the architecture of the third-party SAP JCo (Java Connector) library included in the Harmony Linux agent.
  • Fixed an issue with the installation of the AdoptOpenJDK JRE by the Harmony Windows agent installer that prevented certain plugins from functioning.

API Manager

  • Fixed an issue with Custom APIs that featured on-failure child operations not providing the response for that operation after an operation error occurred.

Private API gateway

  • Fixed the private API gateway installer script to show the correct URL for documentation and updated an error message.