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Spring 2020 Harmony Release


Log in to the Harmony Portal to access the latest version of Cloud Studio, API Manager, Marketplace, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or download the latest version of Design Studio, Private Agents, or the Private API Gateway. For support, visit Getting Support.

What's New in the Harmony Spring '20 Release

Discover what's new in Spring '20, consisting of Harmony releases 10.15 through 10.19.

Harmony 10.19

The 10.19 release date is by region:

  • APAC: Released 27 May 2020

  • EMEA: Released 28 May 2020

  • NA: Released June 1, 2020


  • With earlier 64-bit Linux private agents, intermittent errors and segmentation faults occurred. Upgrade to a 10.19 private agent to avoid these errors.

Cloud Studio

  • A new Cloud Studio connector for BMC Helix ITSM is now available with Create and Delete activities available.

  • The Shopify connector has new activities: Read, Query, Create, Update, and Delete, which replace existing activities.

  • The Copy icon in the operation log now provides feedback when hovered over, clicked, and then released. A tooltip appears when the data is copied.

  • Workflows on the design canvas now automatically refresh after reordering using drag and drop.

Harmony Portal

For details, see the Harmony 10.19 release notes.

Harmony 10.18

  • APAC: Released 06 May 2020

  • EMEA: Released 07 May 2020

  • NA: Released May 11, 2020


Agent, Cloud Studio, and Design Studio

  • NetSuite WSDL version 2020.1 now supported

API Manager

  • Labels on the x-axis now display the correct values

Cloud Studio

  • New Google Drive List Files activity

  • Snowflake connector now supports the pipe character as a delimiter

  • ServiceMax Query activity responses are now provided in the correct format

  • A new Copy icon is provided in the Cloud Studio logging window

  • Multiple variables can now be used in fields that support variables

For details, see the Harmony 10.18 release notes.

Harmony 10.17

  • APAC: Released 15 April 2020

  • EMEA: Released 16 April 2020

  • NA: Scheduled for release on April 20, 2020 7:00 PDT

Agent, Cloud Studio, and Design Studio

  • Salesforce API version 48 now supported

API Manager

  • Missing fields in API logs are displayed properly in text files and spreadsheets

Cloud Studio

  • Availability of new RabbitMQ connector
  • Project import and export performance improvements
  • Insert Null Values option available with certain ServiceMax activities
  • Option to continue an operation after record failures with certain Epicor ERP activities
  • Drag and drop improvements

Harmony 10.17 also included various bug fixes and usability improvements.

For details, see the Harmony 10.17 release notes.

Harmony 10.16

  • APAC: 25 March 2020

  • EMEA: 26 March 2020

  • NA: April 1, 2020


  • PostgreSQL configuration defaults updated

  • Compressed files named correctly

  • PrependData plugin enhancements
  • Ability to use longer project variables

API Gateway

  • Support for encoding and key-based authentication

Cloud Studio

  • Availability of new SAP Concur connector
  • Ability to run an operation without redeploying
  • Ability to insert NULL value with Salesforce activities
  • Ability to use custom SOQL queries in Salesforce and ServiceMax
  • Availability of bulk activities with Magento

Harmony 10.16 also included various bug fixes and usability improvements.

For details, see the Harmony 10.16 release notes.

Harmony 10.15

  • APAC: 4 March 2020

  • EMEA: 5 March 2020

  • NA: March 9, 2020

Harmony 10.15 featured general bug fixes and improvements.

For details, see the Harmony 10.15 release notes.