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10.33 Harmony release notes

10.33.2 Harmony release

Harmony portal

The 10.33 release date is by region:

  • APAC: Released 30 March 2021 (AEDT), 29 March 2021 (PDT)

  • EMEA: Released 29 March 2021

  • NA: Released March 29, 2021


The 10.33.1 release was internal and not released to customers.


Cloud Studio

  • Edits to reused schemas are now reflected
    When you make a change to the structure of a file-based schema that is referenced by multiple components, a new dialog identifies the affected components and the changes are now propagated as expected. For projects created prior to 10.33.2, schemas that had been used in multiple transformations and then later edited are now shown as uniquely named components.

  • Renamed schema file now retains its new name
    After renaming a schema file in the project pane's Components tab and then editing the schema in the transformation, it no longer switches back to the previous name and is not shown as unused.

  • Jira: Create and Update request schemas now use a generic project node
    Jira Create and Update activities now use a generic project node instead of a node specific to the name of the project. This fixes an issue where mappings would become invalid with a changed Jira project name. To use the new schema in existing activities, refresh the schema.

  • Jira: Transition activity now shows appropriate errors for the Transition ID and Name fields
    The Transition ID and Name fields of the Jira Transition activity now show an appropriate error message in the event of an error.

10.33 Harmony release

Harmony portal, private agents, and Sandbox Cloud Agent Group

The 10.33 release date is by region:

  • APAC: Released 18 March 2021 (AEDT), 17 March 2021 (PDT)

  • EMEA: Released 18 March 2021

  • NA: Released March 22, 2021

Included in this release are updates to these Harmony components:

The Sandbox Cloud Agent Group and cloud applications accessed through the Harmony portal will be updated to 10.33 at the time of the release. Private agent installers will be available in each region as of the conclusion of each region's release.

As of March 9, 2021, Harmony Design Studio 10.15 and private agent 10.15 have reached end of life and are no longer supported. We recommend that all users of these (and earlier) versions upgrade to the latest versions as soon as practicable.


As of Harmony release 10.34, 32-bit private agents are no longer be available for download. If you are currently using a 32-bit agent and want to follow our recommendation of staying on the current release, please download a 64-bit agent and perform an upgrade. Instructions for upgrading to a 64-bit agent are available at Install a Harmony Linux agent and Install a Harmony Windows agent. This change does not affect cloud agents.

New features

Cloud Studio

  • Email and Microsoft Teams connectors available
    New Cloud Studio connectors are available for Email and Microsoft Teams. These connectors are available to use with agents version 10.1 or later and can be accessed from the Cloud Studio design component palette and will automatically be downloaded by an agent as required:


Cloud Studio

  • Project export selects all options
    When exporting a project, all export options are now selected by default.


Cloud Studio

  • MongoDB: Added support for Azure Cosmos DB
    The MongoDB connector can be configured to connect to Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB.

  • File-based activities such as API, File Share, FTP, HTTP, Local Storage, SOAP, Temporary Storage, and Variable: Schema contents can be copied in the activity configuration
    You can now copy the schema contents used in the Read activity configuration.

  • General improvements and enhancements
    This release includes general UI and performance improvements.

  • Continue on error available with these connector activities
    When selected, the activity continues if it encounters errors.

  • Addition to schema data types
    You can now use the decimal type when configuring a schema in a transformation.

  • Edit conflict handling improved
    If an editing conflict occurs while multiple users are working on the same script, a message now provides a link to refresh only the script in conflict instead of requiring a reload of the entire Cloud Studio application.

  • Project name and environment names displayed
    The project and environment names are now displayed in the browser title bar to help identify projects open in multiple browser tabs or windows.

  • Improved navigation in the project pane
    Navigate between the most recently opened projects using the new dropdown menu of the project pane.

  • Tree nodes are now dynamically expanded in a transformation
    Tree nodes in mapping mode now dynamically expand in a transformation depending on the number of nodes they possess.



  • Manual SQL statements using the MSSQL JDBC driver now validate
    Manual SQL statements using exec now validate without returning an error.

API gateway

  • API proxy now passes get and put information through the API gateway without error
    With a successful request, the API gateway would sometimes return a 500 error if the response body was empty. This has been fixed.

Cloud Studio

  • API: A SOAP Request no longer duplicates a WSDL
    When configuring an API SOAP Request activity, the WSDL is no longer uploaded and duplicated if the Upload button is clicked multiple times.

  • Coupa: Renaming the target schema no longer removes the response.
    After deploying and running an operation using the Query activity with the Expense Report object, renaming the target schema caused the response to be removed. This no longer occurs.

  • Database: Using a PostgreSQL database, fields containing @ now display correctly in output
    Using a mirrored schema as a target with the Database connector, the @ character is no longer replaced with the _ character and the operation now succeeds.

  • Database: You can now use the < in a WHERE clause
    Fixed an issue where using < in a WHERE clause in a Database Query activity generated an error.

  • Epicor ERP: Get and GetBAQ now passes the correct value
    To prevent the operations from failing in some instances, add a request transformation to operation, and set the value of the Company field to the same value used in the configuration screen for the Get or GetBAQ activity.

  • Snowflake: Added option to use quotes with Snowflake identifiers
    A Use quote for Snowflake Identifiers option has been added to the Snowflake connection configuration screen. Selecting this option adds quotes around these identifiers, which preserves the case they use instead of converting all to upper case, causing an error.

  • Duplicate node mappings are now imported along with a duplicate node
    When importing a duplicate node, the node mappings are also imported, and you no longer have to rename the duplicate node or export and then import the mappings.

  • Scheduler start dates display correctly
    A start date saved in operation settings is now displayed correctly. In prior versions, the date was changed to a date before the desired date.

  • Variable: Selecting an existing variable name now works properly
    In the Variable Name field of a Variable connection, selecting from the list of existing variables now inserts the name properly, without square brackets.

  • Existing ZIP file schemas no longer cause errors
    When editing the configuration of a file-based activity with an existing ZIP file schema, the schema editor now displays the schema and the Next and Save and Exit buttons are enabled.