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10.51 Harmony release notes

10.51 Harmony release

The 10.51 Harmony release date is by region and component as listed below. This page includes release notes for all components being released as part of 10.51. See the related pages for Production Cloud Agent Group releases, Sandbox Cloud Agent Group releases, and private agent releases for a compilation of updates limited to each of those components.


As of March 22, 2022 private agent version 10.33 has reached end of life and is no longer supported. We recommend that all users of these (and earlier) versions upgrade to the latest versions as soon as practicable.

Harmony portal and Sandbox Cloud Agent Group

The Harmony portal and its applications and the Sandbox Cloud Agent Group are automatically updated as of these dates:

  • APAC: March 29, 2022 (AEDT), March 28, 2022 (PDT)

  • EMEA: March 29, 2022

  • NA: March 30, 2022

Production Cloud Agent Group and private agents

The Production Cloud Agent Group is automatically updated and Windows and Linux private agent downloads are available from the Harmony portal Downloads page as of these dates:

  • APAC: April 5, 2022 (AEST), April 4, 2022 (PDT)

  • EMEA: April 5, 2022

  • NA: April 6, 2022

The Docker private agent is available at Docker Hub at the conclusion of the NA region release:

  • APAC: April 7, 2022 (1 pm AEST)

  • EMEA: April 7, 2022 (3 am CEST)

  • NA: April 6, 2022 (6 pm PDT)

New features

Cloud Studio

  • VTEX connector
    The VTEX connector can be used to read, create, update, upsert, or delete records in the VTEX Commerce Platform. The connector will automatically be downloaded by agents version 10.1 or later as required.


Cloud Studio

  • Microsoft Teams connector support for hosted contents and mentions
    The Microsoft Teams Send Message activity now includes hostedContents and mentions in its request schema.

  • Support for variables in additional fields
    Variables can now be used in additional fields of a Jenkins Start Job activity, Microsoft Teams Chat and Add Members activities, a Salesforce Einstein Analytics Load activity, and a ServiceNow connection.

  • Ability to toggle the visibility of activity types
    The project pane Components tab now has a Show Activity Types checkbox that can be used to show or hide the activity type (such as Query or Create) next to the activity name in the Endpoints section.

  • New debug logging icon on operations
    A new icon in the operation action bar indicates whether operation debug logging is enabled and active.

  • Optional deploy tags and comments
    When deploying using Configurable Deploy, you now have the option to add a tag or comment even if they are not required by the project's deployment settings.



  • Windows private agents can again be installed with a configured proxy
    Configuring a proxy during Windows private agent installation no longer results in a login error and the installation is now successful.

Cloud Studio

  • Custom hierarchical schema edits are now reflected across all references
    After editing a fixed-width custom hierarchical schema that is referenced by multiple components, the changes are now propagated across all references to that schema as expected.

  • Decimal and float values in uploaded JSON schemas now use an appropriate data type
    When sending decimal or float values using an uploaded JSON schema with these data types, those values are no longer incorrectly converted to a string data type.

  • Deploy error no longer occurs with uploaded CSV schemas deployed multiple times
    When a source activity uses an uploaded CSV schema that is inherited by an adjacent transformation and its operation is deployed more than once, an error no longer occurs preventing deploy.

Harmony platform

  • Salesforce success and failure records can again be accessed
    When using a private agent, Salesforce success and failure records are again accessible from the Result History of a Design Studio Salesforce operation and the Activity Logs tab of the Management Console Runtime Operations page. A private agent or Design Studio upgrade is not required.


NetSuite, Cloud Studio, and Design Studio

  • HMAC-SHA1 deprecation and removal from the Cloud Studio and Design Studio UI
    NetSuite is deprecating HMAC-SHA1 as a valid signature algorithm as previously announced (see NetSuite HMAC-SHA1 deprecation). To support these changes, Jitterbit intends to remove the HMAC-SHA1 signature algorithm from the Cloud Studio and Design Studio UI in an upcoming Harmony release.


    As the HMAC-SHA1 signature algorithm will no longer be supported by NetSuite or the Harmony NetSuite connectors, you should change any Harmony projects that are presently using HMAC-SHA1 as the signature algorithm to use HMAC-SHA256 as soon as possible to avoid issues with those integrations.


  • Upcoming required action for SAP connector users
    In an upcoming Harmony private agent release, users of the SAP Connector (Cloud Studio SAP connector or Design Studio SAP connector) on a private agent must themselves obtain the SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo) development library from SAP and install it in the appropriate location on private agents in order for their projects to continue working. No action is required on cloud agents. Detailed instructions on installation will be forthcoming.