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Summer 2016 Harmony release


Log in to the Harmony portal to access the latest version of Cloud Studio, API Manager, Marketplace, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or download the latest version of Design Studio, private agents, or the private API gateway. For support, visit Getting support.

Summer '16 webinar

Harmony Summer '16 continues our focus on delivering massively scalable, fast, and easy integration for all. If your organization has integration challenges, Summer '16 is a great time to jump in and get connected. Come see the cloud integration platform used by over 30,000 organizations!

What's new in Harmony summer '16

Harmony Summer '16 is here. With the latest release the world's fastest cloud integration platform just got even more powerful. We focused on three areas for this release:

  1. Broader connectivity and faster time to deployment
  2. Performance and Scale
  3. Simplified Management and New security controls


Harmony offers the fastest and easiest way to connect any app. Built-in connectors make integrating to popular apps such as Salesforce, NetSuite, and Oracle a point-and-click experience.

  • New! QuickBooks Online Connector:
  • New! Java Message Service (JMS) Connector supports transactions, subscriptions and custom messages.
  • Salesforce Connect: Support for v35 including duplicate records and Ownership Options.
  • Salesforce Wave Analytics: Added support for new metadata properties and improved capabilities.
  • Default support for NetSuite 2015.2
  • SAP: Increased support for OData queries.
  • Native Oracle stored procedure support.
  • Proxy support for FTP/SFTP/FTPS sources and targets.
  • SQL Server SSO support.
  • Expanded support for custom drivers.
  • XML: Easy validation on the fly for WSDL, XSD, etc., in the designer and the API.


Good design is essential for a great integration. Simple, ad hoc requests are simple to build quickly. Save, reuse, and share your integration designs. Build business process integrations efficiently with all the design features you expect in an enterprise integration platform.

Summer '16 focuses on enhancing the design experience for version control, collaboration, and better handling some common design challenges.

  • New! Project Variables. Store configuration and environment information to drastically cut the time it takes to implement your integrations in different environments. Change variable values directly from the Management Console keeping integrations safe from access and unintended changes.
  • View and download your deleted projects from the Management Console.
  • Studio detects and prevents same name usage for different projects in the same environment.
  • Studio warns when a project has the same name as another project in the Jitterbit Cloud.
  • Added Project ID and Description to help distinguish projects that already have the same name.
  • Studio warns when you are using an older version of the same, newer version of that project in the Cloud.
  • Easily manage field truncation issues directly in your workflow or API.
  • Store HTTP and FTP return codes to drive customized handling.
  • Notification and error handling can be suppressed or included when importing & exporting Jitterpaks.
  • Local variables highlighted for increased readability.
  • Informational hover over provides current operational settings without drilling down


Options for the real world of today's infrastructure needs (and tomorrow). Where a modern, best of breed technology stack meets the new, old, and in-between with no issues and no worries.

With Summer '16 we know that no matter what the size or speed of your business, enterprise deployment capabilities never go out of style:

  • New! Cloud caching that makes it easy to run integrations 100% in the cloud
  • New! Self-healing smart agents that keep working even during unplanned outages
  • Install agents anywhere: local, hybrid, cloud, server, workstation, laptop.
  • Advanced load balancing and clustering features.
  • Advanced resiliency capabilities to manage network blips and outages automatically while maintaining data integrity.
  • Role based permissions for agent deployment and management.
  • Performance enhancements for concurrent, asynchronous operations


Your business is always on. You need to manage, troubleshoot, and fix as quickly as possible. Jitterbit gives you the right information at your fingertips to proactively solve issues fast.

With Summer '16, we've included more features and enhancements to give you even better control of your Harmony and Hub environments to reduce downtime and cleanly manage problems.

  • Local scheduling at the agent level when running non-groups agents. Integrations keep running even when you lose connectivity to Harmony Cloud
  • Continued improvements for cleaner, faster, more informative error messaging and logging for agents and connectors.
  • Manage agents remotely via the Management Console. With a responsive user experience, you can take care of issues on your phone or tablet.
  • Ensure data integrity with clean agent shut down remotely or locally (including command line interface).
  • Flyovers in the Operations graph let you see current timeout and debug settings without drilling down.


Big data isn't just for biggest companies any longer. You have more apps, more data, and you need more performance to make it all work together. Jitterbit has the performance and scalability you'd expect from the leading iPaaS.

Summer 16 brings improved performance for:

  • New! 'Optimize for Bulk' for Oracle and MS SQL Server. Higher performance when upserting large sets of data.
  • New! DBLoad script function to quickly and dynamically load large CSV data sets to target repositories. Use with Jitterbit Salesforce Wave Analytics Connector for fast, powerful reporting.
  • New! Native support for compressed files including multiple source files, target compression and appending, AES and standard encryption, local file/temporary storage/FTP/File share locations.
  • Performance improvements for concurrent asynchronous operations.


Your integration platform needs to be as secure as your data. Security is our highest priority at Jitterbit and we remain at the forefront of security best practices to enable you to best control who designs, manages, and accesses your integration platform.

Summer 16 enhancements include:

  • New! Two factor authentication for access at the organization, the platform, or the API level.
  • New! Platform level, operational security roles that allow agent installs and updates without access to Jitterbit platform.
  • New! IP Allowlisting to ensure that your Jitterbit Studio and agent are used within your corporate network only.

  • Design studio automatically logs out after a session time-out.

  • Local agent configuration file to store sensitive data in pre-defined global variables that you don't want in the cloud.
  • Even more granular security settings for organizations and operations. Allow effective error resolution and management operations without access to sensitive production integrations.
  • Continuous, current updates of over 30 different code libraries in connectors and standards based protocols.
  • Superior protections against UI redressing (clickjacking) and cross site scripting (XSS) attacks.

Live! APIs

Harmony democratizes APIs by allowing non-technical users to easily give any endpoint its own API in a matter of minutes. With Summer '16 improvements to Live! organizations can quickly create real-time connectivity between their internal and external apps and securely expose data and business processes as a service to their customers and partners.

  • Customize your API experience for your customers with tailored codes and code responses.
  • Provide Reference IDs to your customers for rejections or errors for speedy response and resolution.
  • Follow API management best practices and provide a response even if the main operation fails.
  • Role based security access.
  • Import/Export capability now available
  • Improved management to limit number of hits per minute, by environment.
  • Change environments on the fly for OData and APIs.
  • 30 Day retention of API Analytics and Debug logs.


Get out of the box when you need to. Jitterbit's integration platform allows you to tackle those unexpected and "interesting" integration challenges that require development and extensive customization.

For Summer '16 it's all about extended support for the wild world of Web Services. With new enhancements and features, you can be confident you can handle just about anything.

  • New! Support for custom http methods for http sources and targets. You can now connect to any web service, API, or proprietary back-end in a standard way allowing you to connect and integrate just about anything. Leverage your proprietary back end systems and expose it in a standard way.
  • New! Support for custom HTTP headers. Now you can make any kind web service request in or out without custom development.
  • New! API support for binary files as requests or responses.
  • New! Proprietary parser engine developed specifically for non-standard structures typically encountered in integration scenarios. Broken or "weird" file structures? No problem.


Download a PDF of this overview "What's New in Harmony Summer '16" here: