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8.11.0 Harmony release notes

Harmony release notes - May 20, 2016

Log in to the Harmony portal to access the latest version of the API Manager, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or to download the latest version of Design Studio and private agents. For support, visit Getting support.

Release highlights

  • New Feature: NetSuite Asynchronous Functions (great when processing in bulk).
  • New Feature: Option to always run scheduled operations, even if previously scheduled operation is still running.


  • New Feature: NetSuite Asynchronous Functions for bulk processing (creates/updates/upserts/deletes/searches):
    • Asynchronous option can be turned on by setting $jitterbit.netsuite.async=true
    • Asynchronous steps are logged if debug option is turned on.
  • Improvement: Populate scheduler information in the log when doing Private Agent scheduling.
  • Improvement: Added HTTP call headers and body logging.
  • Improvement: Provided better instructions when NetSuite password expires.
  • Fix: To handle XML data where sibling has a group, please switch to DOM parser (set jitterbit.transformation.jbxmlparser=false).
  • Fix: Fixed memory leak in RunXSLT method.
  • Fix: SourceInstanceCount() now advances even if no target values are generated for streaming text transformations (e.g. CSV to CSV).
  • Fix: Get attribute value for XML functions now works.
  • Fix: We now distinguish Null as a word vs actual NULL value in Salesforce operations.
  • Security: Upgraded OpenSSL to 1.0.1s; Java to 8u91.


  • Improvement: The Studio migration tool now takes into account changes to folder structure. For example, renaming folders, or moving project item into new sub-folders.

  • Improvement: Studio now allows using LDAP Sources as input to the LdapConnect script function.

  • Improvement: Improved layout of the Web Service Wizard's start page.

  • Improvement: Improved display of plugin descriptions.

  • Improvement: Added option to cancel the parsing of a manual SQL statement in the Transformation wizard when using a database source.

  • Improvement: Added a "View All API Requests" button to the Studio's Operation Log page that takes the user to the WMC's API Analytics console.

  • Improvement: The mapping's Formula Builder better handles unsaved changes:

    • The Builder now pops up a warning if the dialog is closed via the 'X' button while there are still unsaved changes.
    • The warning prompt provides an option for applying the changes before closing the dialog.
  • Improvement: Added new option when assigning a Schedule to an Operation:

    • Control if a scheduled run should start even if the previously scheduled run is still in progress
    • Default remains: to not start if the previously scheduled one is still in progress.
  • Improvement: Right-clicking on a project in the Studio's opening screen now provides an option for deleting the project from the Studio.

  • Improvement: The plugins that are available for use in a script or mapping are now displayed in alphabetical order.

  • Fix: A QuickBooks endpoint now requires a password.

  • Security: Upgraded Java to 8u91.