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8.6.0 Harmony release notes

Harmony release notes - october 2015

Log in to the Harmony portal to access the latest version of the API Manager, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or to download the latest version of Design Studio and private agents. As always, please contact support if you need help.


  • New Feature: New global data element $jitterbit.operation.max_async_chain_length that can be used to override the maximum asynchronous operation chain limit.
  • New Feature: Official upgrade to Java 8.
  • New Feature: New installs use 64 bit version of PostgreSQL going forward.
  • New Feature: Introducing Project Variables - expose secure configuration variables to allow greater reuse of your Jitterbit templates.
  • New Feature: API Platform - All of the API management screens are now accessible to members with appropriate environment permissions vs just organization administrators.
  • New Feature: API Platform - Allow limiting API hits/minute on the environment level (in addition to currently available org and profile/user level limits). By default no limit is imposed (i.e. limited by org allowance only).
  • New Feature: API Platform - Can now clone APIs on the fly by chosing appropriate option under Actions.
  • New Feature: API Platform - OData and Custom API edit screens now allow changing environments on the fly.
  • New Feature: API Platform - Multiple request headers with the same name (i.e. duplicates) are now supported. In such scenarios, the values will be sent through as a comma separated list.
  • Improvement: API Platform - Non-generic HTTP Method in API Analytics is now properly displayed even on errors.
  • Improvement: OData - Improved OData Error Handling.
  • Improvement: Agent - Improved upload plugin usability if the plugin is already present by giving an option to update the plugin.
  • Improvement: Agent - Major improvement in load balancing for HA set-ups (more than one agent in agent group).
  • Improvement: Various minor improvements and clean-up around the Web Management Console.
  • Fix: Agent - Fixed Agent status when Agent is renamed on the Web Management Console.
  • Fix: OData - Fixed OData Metadata response around deleted entities.
  • Fix: API Platform - IP Range restriction fixes, support for both anonymous IP white-listing, as well as basic authentication IP limits.


  • Agent proxy settings tool is now bundled with Windows Agents.
  • Improvement: New Close Project option under the File menu.
  • Improvement: Improved filtering in the Data Elements view.
  • Fix: The Studio now remembers the last content of the Script Pad when a project is re-opened.
  • Improvement: New CTRL+TAB shortcut to step through the open tabs in macOS Studio.
  • Fix: Netsuite - Avoid errors while editing Netsuite query when all of the custom fields of a particular object are deleted.
  • Improvement: Netsuite - Other minor stability improvements to Netsuite connector.
  • Fix: Salesforce - Fixed bug that caused Salesforce session timeouts to not be handled correctly at design time.
  • Fix: Salesforce - Fixed bug that caused relational objects to not be displayed in the mapping tree for Salesforce Upserts, Inserts, and Updates.
  • Fix: Salesforce - Fixed bug in the automatically generated mappings for Salesforce Upserts, Inserts, and Updates responses, in cases where the request contains more than one chunk.
  • Improvement: Official upgrade to Java 8
  • Improvement:Various minor improvements and clean-up of the front facing and command-line interfaces.
  • Improvement: Improved agent resilience when experiencing various local network problems.
  • Improvement: Further support for Agent installation by the organization's non-administrator members
  • Improvement: Various improvements to Agent log entries and their format
  • Support JSON target for a simple array of a simple object
  • The element of fixed value should contain the value instead of empty value if it show in target data.
  • Fixed header being added to CSV file targets when they should not be in some cases.
  • Fixed unexpected error when validating a fixed width text document.
  • Can now handle XML Group and OneOf combination in transformation
  • Can now handle multiple sibling OneOf in XML transformation
  • Support XML Schema with maxOccurs="10000" or other such large value (as opposed to using unbounded).
  • Fixed issues with testing an expression sometimes producing errors that do not appear at runtime.
  • Fixed various issues when handling or adding extraneous line-breaks.
  • Salesforce: Fixed Salesforce query column header using a different newline convention from the original data in some cases.
  • DB: DbLookupAll now honors $jitterbit.scripting.db.max_rows setting.
  • DB: Fixed support for SQL Server NTLM authentication (SSO).
  • DB: Can now handle Oracle NCLOB column values larger than 4000 characters.
  • API Platform: Fixed API calls erroring out when returning a header with more than 48 characters.
  • OData: Improved SAP OData Query order sensitivity.
  • OData: Improved handling of default values when processing OData Put requests.
  • If any operations are running and you stop the Jitterbit Process Engine, the list of running operations will be written to the log, including process statistics for each operation.
  • Backward compatibility: XML produces by Jitterbit will have xsi:nil entries set to 'true' or 'false' whereas it used to output '1' or '0' in such cases. This change was motivated by the definition of xsi:nil in XML Schema standard: