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8.7.0 Harmony release notes

Harmony release notes - January 2016

Log in to the Harmony portal to access the latest version of the API Manager, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or to download the latest version of Design Studio and private agents. For support, visit Getting support.


  • API Platform: APIs that use archive operations can now accept binary files as requests or responses.
  • OData: Added support for OData with the Transoft JDBC Driver.
  • Netsuite: Remove null custom field in object column level from request.
  • Netsuite: For create, upsert, update and delete operation, we will not send the request to netsuite if it has no data (zero record).
  • Netsuite: Get Saved Search List for objects with multiple words such as PhoneCall.
  • Installation: Do not overwrite the JCE Unlimited Strength Policy files when upgrading the agent.
  • Installation: Fixed bug in installing Jitterbit agent in a non-default location.
  • Single line manual SQL comments will now run as block comments.
  • Backward compatibility breaking change: The Index function was changed to return -1 if the string to search for is NULL. The old, undocumented, behavior was to return 0.
  • New Feature: OpenSSL upgraded to 1.0.1q.
  • New Feature: Support for custom http methods for http sources and targets.
  • New Feature: Schedule operations locally for agent groups with only one agent.
  • New Feature: Now the 'Optimize for Bulk' option can be used when using SQL Server as a transformation target. This option provides much improved performance when upserting large amounts of data.
  • New Feature: New DBLoad script function provides a mechanism that quickly and dynamically loads CSV data into target databases.
  • New Feature: Jitterbit Windows services now set to restart automatically on error.
  • New Feature: OData now supports paging via $skiptoken query parameter.
  • Improvement: Improved agent self-healing process.
  • Improvement: Log a recovery message when the agent successfully reconnects to the cloud.
  • Improvement: Salesforce Wave Analytics - Added support for new metadata properties- FiscalMonthOffset and IsYearEndFiscalYear.
  • Improvement: Salesforce Wave Analytics - Improved compatibility with date types.
  • Improvement: Jitterbit now provides much improved error messages when using a JDBC database as a target.
  • Fix: OData - Fixed an issue to allow BigInt datatype in MSSQL.
  • Fix: OData - Fixed problem when using PostgreSQL with mixed-case column names.
  • Fix: Salesforce - Fixed issue where you may see Salesforce records failing with "EffectiveDate(Invalid UUID string: "
  • Fix: Salesforce - Fixed handling of errors when Salesforce queryMore returns a Soap Fault.
  • Fix: Salesforce - Fixed broken handling of line breaks in Salesforce ''text area'' type fields.
  • Fix: Netsuite - Fix a bug for Netsuite custom fields under column level (ItemList) for applicable object, for example, Opportunity.
  • Fix: Fixed problem with using a script under a flat database table root.
  • Fix: Fixed decoding problems with UrlDecode-ParseUrl.
  • Fix: Fixed problem with DateAdd when adding or subtracting months or years end up on an invalid date.
  • Fix: Fixed problem with duplicate namespace prefix definitions in certain SOAP requests.
  • Fix: Fixed problem with chunking and JSON targets when using $ and $ support for LDAP Dates in transformations.


  • Drag-and-drop of Project Variables into SQL, SOQL, and API Entity editors now inserts the correct syntax.
  • New Feature: Support for SFDC v35, namely native Duplicate Records handling and Ownership Options.
  • New Feature: New netsuite endpoint will have 2015.2 as the default version.
  • New Feature: Added support for two-factor authentication.
  • New Feature: Support for custom http methods for http sources and targets.
  • New Feature: XML transformations created in the 8.7 Studio now have validation turned off by default.
  • New Feature: Added tooltip for End-Of-Line option on File Target Screen.
  • Improvement: Better support for multiple monitors.
  • Improvement: Replaced password buttons with password fields.
  • Improvement: Default Content-Type changed to text/plain for new HTTP targets.
  • Fix: Fixed bug in Test Script, that caused Project Variables to not get their correct values.
  • Fix: Fixed bug that caused Import Project Data to fail when importing Connector functions.
  • Fix: Fixed bug that caused references to Project Variables from Scripts and Transformation mappings to not be picked up by the Studio at design time.
  • Fix: Fixed broken function wizards when using the Script builder in Business Analyst mode.
  • Fix: Fixed bug that caused Project Variable references in SFDC Query strings to not be picked up by the Studio at design time.
  • Fix: Fixed bug that prevented certain SFDC Bulk Loads from being opened for editing in the Studio.
  • Fix: Fixed bug that caused Jitterpaks without credentials to include un-decryptable values of Project Variables.
  • Fix: Fixed bug when editing an existing LDAP structure: if a new LDAP Source or Target was selected, the change was not applied correctly.
  • Fix: Fixed problem with project variables not being resolved in WHERE clause when loading source data.