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8.8.0 Harmony release notes

Harmony release notes - March 2016

Log in to the Harmony portal to access the latest version of the API Manager, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or to download the latest version of Design Studio and private agents. For support, visit Getting support.

Release highlights

  • Jitterbit Live: New APIs "SSL Only" flag will now default to ON- all HTTP requests will be auto-forwarded to the HTTPS version of the URL by default.
  • Jitterbit Live: Added an option to API summary screen to copy URL to clipboard for OData and Custom API's.
  • Security: More granular org level permissions will be supported, i.e. install agent for a particular agent group, etc. See more on it in the next release.
  • WMC: Harmony website session timeout is now 15 minutes (was up to 60 in certain areas). A warning will be displayed a few minutes before the automatic logout to warn the inactive user.
  • WMC: Users with read only access will now be able to see logs on the activities page and be able to download success/failure files.
  • Extras of note (see below): SFDC v35 support in Agent+Studio; Allowing exclusion of Schedules/Emails in Studio and the informational hover on the operations.


  • Connectivity: Added support for Salesforce version 35.
  • Connectivity: Added support for the SSH-2.0-GXSSSHD SFTP server.
  • Improvement: The Jitterbit agent is now compatible with the PostgreSQL ODBC driver version 9.3 (internal connectivity).
  • Improvement: Reduced excessive logging in the Scheduler log.
  • Improvement: Memory optimized script engine by removing some memory copies.
  • Improvement: OData now supports filtering of DateTime datatype via $filter query parameter
  • Fix: Improved scheduling when agents are in the group.
  • Fix: The "Allow truncation of character fields to avoid field length errors" flag is now honored for JDBC targets. This flag would always be treated as on, which is not the default. Operations that used to silently truncate target data will now instead show an error. To revert to the old behavior, edit the target structure of the transformation and check the box in the wizard.
  • Fix: The operation variable $jitterbit.operation.previous.success is now properly populated at the end of operations
  • Fix: Bug fixed with CallStoredProcedure function when using input/output parameters in JDBC Oracle
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with OData API Operation when dealing with decimal values. Text data containing periods should no longer be assumed as a decimal value and will no longer auto-append 'd' to it.
  • Security: Upgraded bundled PostgreSQL version to 9.3.11 on Windows.
  • Security: Upgraded bundled PostgreSQL version to 9.2.15 on Linux.
  • Security: Upgraded Apache Httpd to 2.4.18.
  • UX: Provide instructions when NetSuite SSO mapping is removed by NetSuite.


  • Connectivity: Added support for Salesforce version 35.
  • Improvement: Added options for including schedules and success/failure emails when importing or exporting Jitterpaks. Schedules and success/failure emails are not excluded by default.
  • Improvement: Flyover in the operation graph shows the current timeout and debug mode settings for an Operation.
  • Fix: Fixed bug that prevented Operations with too long descriptions (> 2048) characters from being deployed.
  • Fix: Improved the Studios handling of re-login after session timeout.
  • Fix: Fixed bug that caused renamed folders in the mapping tree to revert to their original names when the project was downloaded.
  • Fix: Fixed bug that caused an error when importing a Template JPK Without Credentials containing Netsuite Endpoints, if the option to generate new GUIDs was selected.
  • Fix: Fixed problem with closing Transformation pages taking an unusually long time.