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8.19.0 Harmony release notes

Harmony release notes – January 6, 2017

Log in to the Harmony portal to access the latest version of the API Manager, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or to download the latest version of Design Studio and private agents. For support, visit Getting support.

Release highlights

  • New feature: Remind users to change their password proactively (Harmony website)
    For Organizations that require users to change their Harmony password after a set number of days, you now also have the option to notify members when their password is about to expire. Set up notifications a specified number of days in advance of password expiration via the Web Management Console (WMC) from Menu > Notifications. For more info, see notifications.
  • Improvement: More options to display API traffic data (Harmony website)
    You can now view hits by second, minute, hour, day, or month when viewing API traffic. This is done via the WMC from Menu > API Analytics > View All Traffic by using the new dropdown for "Hits By."
  • Improvement: Feedback on searching for Activities (Harmony website)
    Searches performed from the WMC on the Activities page will now return useful feedback if the search is invalid. A message will provide information about how to correct the search criteria to create a valid search that returns results.
  • Improvement: Identify operations that are currently logging debug data (Harmony website)
    Debug mode is often used to troubleshoot an issue with a specific operation, but is sometimes left on unintentionally. You can now identify any operations that have debug mode enabled via the WMC from Menu > Projects. In the operations tab, any operations with debug logging enabled will have a wrench icon next to the operation name. You can then turn debug mode off in Studio under operation options.
  • Fix: Internal IP address now listed for Private Agent (Harmony website)
    The Private Agent IP address reported in the WMC on the Agents and Agent Groups pages now always reflects the internal IP address reported by the Agent. Previously, the external gateway IP address was reported in some situations.


  • New feature (MS Dynamics CRM): Support for 'listmember' object The MS Dynamics CRM connector now provides support for the 'listmember' object during an MS CRM Create operation.
  • Fix (Salesforce): Functionality restored for Salesforce bulk query operations The previous 8.18.0 release created an issue causing Salesforce some bulk queries not to operate. This fix restores that functionality.
  • Fix (NetSuite): Compatibility error resolved for imported NetSuite 2016.2 projects The previous 8.18.0 release created an issue resulting in a version compatibility error when importing a NetSuite 2016.2 project that had been created prior to version 8.18.0. This issue is now resolved.
  • Fix (NetSuite): Support for asynchronous NetSuite search operations The NetSuite asynchronous function for bulk processing now works properly for NetSuite search operations. The asynchronous option for NetSuite search, as well as for other NetSuite operations, can be enabled by setting $jitterbit.netsuite.async=true.
  • Fix (Clarizen): Querying multiple fields When performing a query using the Clarizen Connector, you can now select multiple fields. Previously, only one field at a time could be queried successfully.
  • Security enhancement: Library upgrade The Apache Commons BeanUtils library was upgraded to version 1.9.3, which improves security of the system.


  • New feature: Line breaks and multiple-character delimiters in text files
    Text documents used as sources and targets can now use more than one character as a field delimiter, as well as contain line breaks. These options can be set in Studio from the File formats screen.
  • New feature: Route SOAP faults to an operation or email
    For web service operations, you now have the option to route SOAP faults to an operation or email, just like success or failure operations. You can access this option in Studio by right-clicking on a web service operation and choosing "On SOAP Fault."
  • New feature: Set a custom proxy for a specific source or target
    You can now specify a custom proxy for an FTP source, FTP target, HTTP source, or HTTP target, allowing you to override the Agent proxy configuration if one exists. The custom proxy can be set in Studio on the source or target configuration screen under Options > Proxy Settings.
  • Improvement: Naming of email attachments when used as target
    You can now specify the name of a target email attachment. The name can be set in Studio on the email target configuration screen under under Connection Parameters. As an alternative, the "WriteFile" function now also works to specify a file attachment name.
  • Improvement: Database table filter is no longer case-sensitive
    The filter in the Database Transformation Wizard is no longer case-sensitive. That is, you can now type in any case in your filter to return all available database tables with the result.