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8.21.0 Harmony release notes

Harmony release notes – February 24, 2017

Log in to the Harmony portal to access the latest version of the API Manager, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or to download the latest version of Design Studio and private agents. For support, visit Getting support.

New features

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: New connector available
    The Microsoft Dynamics 365 connector is now available. The new connector includes CRM functionality and is backwards compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and 2016. To start using the new connector in Studio today, first make sure to uninstall the Dynamics 2015 Connector if installing on the same machine, then download Dynamics 365 from the Web Management Console (WMC) > Menu > Downloads and follow the installation and setup instructions.
  • Global variables: Operation info/warnings now saved as variables
    When an operation completes, the new global variables $ and $jitterbit.operation.warning save informational messages and warnings, in the same way the existing variable $jitterbit.operation.error saves errors. These global variables can be used, for example, in a script that sends an email on success or failure containing the message, warning, or error.
  • Notifications: Expiring password emails are now set by default
    Users with expiring Harmony passwords are now notified by email 7 days prior to the expiration, as a default notification setting. Organization admins can turn off or configure notifications further from the Notifications page of the WMC. If you have already set up password expiration emails for your organization, your settings will be unaffected.
  • Citizen Integrator: Upload and update Recipes via the Citizen interface
    For Citizen Integrator Recipe authors, you can now upload new recipes and update existing ones through the Citizen Integrator page of the WMC. The existing capability to do this through the Jitterbit Command Line Interface (jbcli) remains unchanged.
  • Activities: Easier to search for operations by date
    When monitoring operations from the Runtime operations page of the WMC, there is a new calendar icon to the right of the search bar that provides predefined searches for operations within the past 24, 48, or 72 hours, as well as a custom search that displays additional options.


  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Proxy connections now supported
    For those using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector, you can now successfully use a proxy server to connect to this endpoint. The proxy settings that are used are those specified when you enable proxy on your Private Agent.
  • Salesforce Wave Analytics: Global variables now supported
    For those using Salesforce Wave Analytics, you can now use global variables from your Salesforce Org configuration as well as within the Wave Analytics Dataset Target.
  • Scripts: Line numbers now shown by default
    When building scripts from the Script or Formula builder screens in Studio, line numbers are now displayed by default to make reading and debugging scripts easier. To toggle off line numbers, right-click within the script and deselect "Show Line Numbers."
  • SOAP faults: SOAP fault icons are now differentiated in logs
    SOAP faults are now displayed with an orange exclamation mark in Studio and WMC Activity logs to differentiate them from success (green) and failure (red) routes.
  • NetSuite: Improved error handling from NetSuite
    For those using the NetSuite connector, under certain circumstances NetSuite will respond with a non-XML response that cannot be parsed, for example during NetSuite maintenance or downtime. In these cases, an error message will be written to the operation log that will include the error message received from NetSuite.
  • Version update: Improvements to new version notification and release notes
    When a new Harmony version is available, you are now notified via the WMC dashboard. in addition, the dashboard and agents pages now direct you to the downloads page to get the latest version and view the full release notes on Success Central. The link to the full release notes has also been added to the Studio popup when a new version is available.
  • Security: Library upgrades
    The Apache Commons FileUpload library was upgraded from version 1.3.1 to 1.3.2, and Guava was upgraded from version 14.0 to 15.0.


  • Microsoft Dynamics AX: Change in WSDL now updates properly in AX functions
    For those using the Microsoft Dynamics AX connector, when you change the WSDL URL in an existing Ax endpoint, the updated WSDL will now carry over properly to existing functions that use that endpoint.
  • Target database structures: False warning no longer appears
    Upon opening an existing transformation for a database target, and then closing it without making any changes, you will no longer receive a false warning that changes to the transformation have been made.
  • Citizen Integrator: Empty detailed logs for multirun Recipes now indicate no details are available
    When running an operation within a Recipe from the Citizen Integrator page of the WMC where multiple "Run Operation" actions are available and there is no detailed information available within the returned operation logs, the "Details" link will now have a message indicating no details are available instead of displaying nothing.
  • Notifications: Notifications can be added for Agents whose names contain quotation marks
    When setting up a new notification from the Notifications page of the WMC, notifications are now able to be added successfully for Agents whose names contain double or single quotation marks, including apostrophes.
  • NetSuite: Advanced Search with _timeOfDay now works properly
    When performing a NetSuite advanced search, the custom field type _timeOfDay no longer produces errors.
  • Dictionary: Reading keys from flat file sources is fixed
    When looking up a value in a Dictionary in a transformation and the source is a flat file, you will no longer receive an error. The workaround using variables is no longer required.
  • Citizen Integrator: Environment step now fetches current Agent state
    When configuring a Recipe to deploy from the Citizen Integrator page of the WMC, the "Set Up Environment" step now fetches the current state of the Agent when the step is opened, for example a "Running" or "Stopped" state. Previously, the Agent state listed in this step was fetched when the Recipe was first opened.
  • Citizen Integrator: Resolved issue with testing the endpoint connection
    When configuring a Shopify, Magento, or Dotmailer Recipe from the Citizen Integrator page of the WMC, an issue has been resolved that resulted in the "Test Connection" button not functioning.
  • Citizen Integrator: Recipe validation step temporarily removed
    When configuring a Recipe to deploy from the Citizen Integrator page of the WMC, the Recipe validation step has been temporarily removed to adjust the workflow. The validation step will be reintroduced in a later version.
  • Citizen Integrator: New status for deployed Recipes with pending operations
    A new Recipe status of "Unknown" has been added to the Citizen Integrator page of the WMC for the scenario in which a deployed Recipe has associated operations that have been scheduled but not yet been run for the first time.