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8.23 Harmony Release Notes

Log in to the Harmony Portal to access the latest version of the API Manager, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or to download the latest version of Design Studio and Private Agents. For support, visit Getting Support.

8.23.2 Harmony Release Notes – May 26, 2017


  • API platform: Improved performance
    A change has been made to Jitterbit's API platform to help improve performance for some customers.


  • API platform: Responses no longer have trailing line break
    When using the global variable jitterbit.api.response, a trailing line break will no longer be included at the end of the API response.

8.23.0 Harmony Release Notes – May 5, 2017

New Features

  • Four51: Connector to integrate with the OrderCloud API
    Jitterbit's new Four51 Connector helps you connect to the B2B eCommerce API platform Once an endpoint is established, you can add or delete data, update existing data, or retrieve data for use in Jitterbit integrations with other third-party systems. Use the new connector in Studio today following our Four51 Connector documentation.
  • Text documents: Option to allow escape sequences to be ignored
    When configuring fields in a text document definition (i.e. file format), a new option has been added to ignore escape sequences, as indicated by a leading backslash (\). Previously, all such sequences were converted based on the Java standard. The new option is available in Studio while defining a file format under the Delimiter & Qualifier section by unchecking the new box for "Convert Escape Sequences," which is checked/enabled by default.
  • Citizen Integrator: New Recipes for eight different endpoints
    Sixteen new Recipes are now available in Citizen Integrator, our wizard-driven web interface for quickly deploying basic integrations. The new Recipes connect with Autodesk, Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, NetSuite, Clarizen, SAP, and ServiceMax. See all available Recipes from the Citizen Integrator page of the Web Management Console (WMC).
  • Teradata: Teradata databases now supported for OData
    Jitterbit now supports Teradata databases via our OData API. To connect to a Teradata database endpoint, download the Teradata JDBC driver and follow the standard process for installing additional drivers for Jitterbit. Then set up your database endpoint as normal and create an OData API for the endpoint.


  • NetSuite: Compliance with 2017.1 WSDL
    Jitterbit has "Built for NetSuite" (BFN) certification for the 2017.1 NetSuite release and has been verified to be compliant with the 2017.1 NetSuite WSDL. If you choose to use the new WSDL, or if you want to change your WSDL version, you can do so by editing the URL while configuring the endpoint in Studio.
  • Character encoding: Additional international characters now supported
    Additional international characters are now supported in Jitterbit structures, for example in text and XML operations. Previously, Latin1 characters were supported; this has been expanded to include non-Latin1 characters such as Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Russian, Korean, etc.
  • Proxy: Connection error message improved to help with troubleshooting
    Upon logging in to Studio through a proxy, if you are unable to connect, a message will now provide more useful information about the error. You can now also find more detailed instructions for troubleshooting the issue, for example by checking for a valid SSL certificate or proxy filter setting.
  • Web Management Console: Website performance optimized
    Pages within the WMC now load faster as a result of changes made to improve caching. This will prevent unnecessary network usage and improve performance for end users. In addition, while information on WMC pages is still loading, a spinner icon will be shown in place of the cursor to indicate this. Finally, processing of secure requests made through the WMC has been optimized for efficiency.
  • Citizen Integrator: Additional fields available for Recipe authors
    When creating new Recipes, authors can now use "options" and "values" fields within the Recipe metadata file. These fields can be used within the project variables section, for example, to allow users of your Recipe to select project variable values from a dropdown list or checkboxes.
  • Citizen Integrator: More useful error messages
    When uploading, updating, or deleting Recipes from the Citizen Integrator page of the WMC, error messages now provide more meaningful details if the action fails. For example, upon trying to upload a Recipe whose GUID already exists, the error message will provide this detail in place of a generic message that the upload failed. In addition, after deploying a Recipe that contains long-running operation(s), a message now provides information to indicate such. Previously, a message would eventually display upon timeout, which may mislead users into thinking the operation had failed when it was still running.
  • Security: Library upgrades
    Multiple library upgrades and other updates improve the stability, security, and performance of the Agent. These include OpenSSL (1.0.2k) and Curl (7.53.1).


NetSuite: Fixes for NetSuiteGetSelectValue function and Statistical Journal Entry object custom fields
An issue causing the NetSuiteGetSelectValue() function to return empty values has been resolved. In addition, custom fields for the NetSuite Statistical Journal Entry object were previously missing and have since been added.

Private Agent: Install experience improved for those already running PgBouncer
When installing a Private Agent, Jitterbit will now automatically detect the port of an existing PgBouncer installation and re-register the service using another port. The PgBouncer application was integrated into the Agent install package as of version 8.22, and this fix provides a more seamless experience for users that already have the connection pooling application in use.

Scripts: Wizard fixed for RunOperationFromProject function
When using the configuration wizard to configure a RunOperationFromProject() function, only the appropriate actions to advance to the next steps of the workflow are now enabled (i.e. "Next" or "Finish"). Previously, you could choose "Finish" on the first screen of the wizard, which resulted in an error in configuration if the rest of the "Next" steps were completed afterward.

Connectors: Spinning wheel again appears when objects are loading
When using any of our Connectors in Studio, upon clicking "Refresh" on the object selection screen, a spinning wheel will again appear to indicate objects are loading.

Multiple WMC pages: Various fixes
Minor fixes have been made to the following WMC pages:

  • Agent Groups: When viewing available Agents, an issue has been fixed where configuration conflicts between the remote Agent configuration and local Agent configuration file were indicated, but no actual conflict existed.
  • Activities: If you enter criteria into the search bar, and then use the calendar icon to set the timeframe, the selection will no longer clear the existing search criteria and will instead be added to it.
  • Activities: When editing a saved query, you will no longer be able to enter more than the maximum of 1,024 characters. Previously, if a longer query was entered, it was truncated to the maximum length.
  • Notifications: When adding a new notification, you will no longer see the option to add recipient(s) until you select a notification where recipients can be added. Display of the recipient box has also been fixed when resized.
  • Notifications: For those configuring password notifications, if there are inactive users within your organization whose password is already expired, those users will no longer receive a notification about the already expired password.
  • Projects: When importing a project, an issue occurring under a unique set of circumstances has been fixed where the project variable values were not being retained after editing values.
  • Citizen Integrator: When configuring a Recipe to deploy, an environment will now be selected by default, which you can then change using the dropdown. In addition, the Recipe validation step has been re-enabled and made optional. This step had been temporarily removed in version 8.21 to adjust the workflow.
  • Citizen Integrator: Multiple user interface fixes have been implemented related to text wrapping, consistency of tooltips, refreshing the deployed Recipes log, selecting a Recipe to upload, and display of the search bar.
  • API Management > Custom API: Internet Explorer users are again able to import an API using the Import button.
  • Multiple pages: If you have previously hidden the new version notifications at the top of each page, notifications will again appear for future release versions. The checkbox to hide notifications now applies only to the current release version.
  • Multiple pages: Labels for required fields no longer overlap the main menu dropdown or appear offset on some pages.