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8.24 Harmony Release Notes

Log in to the Harmony Portal to access the latest version of the API Manager, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or to download the latest version of Design Studio and Private Agents. For support, visit Getting Support.

8.24.2 Harmony Release Notes - June 19, 2017

New Features

8.24.1 Harmony Release Notes - June 12, 2017


  • Scripting: Issue with returned values fixed
    We have identified an issue with our latest release that impacts customers who have implemented RunScript calls where the return value is the result of a function call.

    When the return value in the script is a function call, the script returns a blank value. RunScript calls that return results from variables are not impacted.

    This incorrectly returns a blank value:

    num = 3.14;

    This returns the expected value:

    num = 3.14;
    num = RoundToInt(num);

    This issue has been corrected in Cloud Agents as well as in 8.24.1 Private Agent downloads. If you are running Private Agents and have not upgraded to version 8.24.0, you are not impacted.

    In order to resolve this issue, a different 8.24.0 fix related to the data type returned by the RunScript() function has been rolled back. For more information on the fix that was rolled back, see Fixes under 8.24.0 below.

8.24.0 Harmony Release Notes - June 9, 2017

New Features

  • Single Sign-on: Log in to Jitterbit with Salesforce, Google, or Autodesk credentials
    Jitterbit now has support for single sign-on (SSO) using SAML 2.0 or OAuth 2.0 for Web Management Console (WMC) and Jitterbit Studio. Your Jitterbit org Admin can set up SSO for members to authenticate with your chosen Identity Provider, including Salesforce, Google, or Autodesk. Admins can also add individual users to bypass SSO and instead use Harmony credentials, giving you the flexibility to manage contractors, support personnel, or others separately from the rest of your team. Learn more about setting up SSO in Jitterbit today.

  • Citizen Integrator: Manage Recipes from the Citizen web interface
    You can now manage your organization's private Recipes from the Citizen Integrator section of the WMC. Within the My Recipes area, hover over the gear icon and select the wrench icon to access the Manage Recipes page. From here, you can filter, upload, deploy, update, copy, or delete Recipes from a central point-and-click location.


  • Salesforce: Support for Salesforce Spring '17 release
    Jitterbit now supports Salesforce API version 39 from the recent Salesforce Spring '17 release. When you open a project in Studio that uses previous Salesforce API versions, you will be prompted to upgrade to the latest version.

  • Notifications: Password expiration emails now include org ID
    If you have password expiration notifications set up for your org from the Notifications page of the WMC, the emails that org members receive will now include the ID of the organization in the subject line. This makes it easier for users who are members of multiple orgs to tell which org has the expiring password.

  • Data types: Undefined data types now treated as string
    For fields with an undefined data type, the data type will now default to string in Jitterbit. Previously, data with an undefined type was assigned a data type of "unknown," leading to issues during transformation mapping. These issues are now resolved with a default string data type.

  • Salesforce: Upsert and update operations can now include headers
    You can now include headers in success/failure files within Salesforce upsert and update operations with a database source. To do so, set the global variable jitterbit.sfdc.dbsource.sfheader = true. The default value is false, so headers will not be included by default.

  • Citizen Integrator: Manage Deployed Recipes page improved
    Within the Manage Deployed Recipes page accessible within the Citizen Integrator section of the WMC, you can now click on the operation name to expand/collapse child operations. Several other interface improvements have also been made.

  • Citizen Integrator: Support for additional connectors, "required" and "regex" fields
    When creating new Recipes, authors can now add "Test Connection" buttons within Recipes using Jitterbit's latest connectors: Four51, QuickBooks, and Clarizen. Recipe authors can also now require steps and project variable fields to be completed (using the "required" field), or require project variable field input to match a regular expression (using the "regex" field).


  • Microsoft Dynamics AX: LDAP connectivity fixed for AX 2009
    For those using the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Connector, an issue has been resolved that prevented connection to LDAP servers. The AX 2012 and AX 4.0 editions were unaffected by this issue.

  • Chunking: Issue related to naming of chunk nodes resolved
    A chunking issue related to the name of the chunk node has been fixed. Previously, an error was reported if a chunk node was defined with the same name as one of its ancestors.

  • Scripting: RunScript issues fixed related to data type, memory
    When using the RunScript() function, the value returned can now be a complex data type, such as dictionary or array. In addition, an issue has been fixed that previously resulted in an error related to memory.


    The portion of this fix related to data type returned by the RunScript() function was originally released with 8.24.0, but has since been rolled back as part of 8.24.1.

  • Salesforce: Creating new transformation now requires new operation
    The option to create a new transformation from within an existing request or response transformation for Salesforce updates, deletes, upserts, and inserts has been disabled due to an error resulting in incorrect mapping of the new transformation. Instead, users are expected to use the Salesforce wizard to create a new Salesforce operation.

  • Studio: Workaround for timeout login issue
    For those using Jitterbit Studio on Windows 2012 R2, and possibly other versions/configurations, after users are logged out due to inactivity, there is a known issue where the Login button becomes disabled. To log in, simply cancel or close out of the login window and then reopen it under Actions > Login.

  • POP3 File Reader plug-in: Version corrected and option to delete messages fixed
    The optional setting to delete email messages (delete_message = true) has been fixed in version 1.0.5 of the POP3 File Reader plug-in. The latest plug-in version is now available to download from the WMC under Customizations > Plug-ins. Those who downloaded the plug-in from the POP3 Email documentation on Jitterbit SuccessCentral are already using version 1.0.5 and were unaffected.

  • Multiple WMC pages: Various fixes
    Minor fixes have been made to the following WMC pages:

    • Debug Logs: Fixed an issue with display of logs including HTML tags. In addition, the timestamp on logs now reflects the timezone of the current user.
    • Activities: Multiple fixes related to display of child operations, saving queries with the same query name, validation after editing a saved query, invalid datepicker range, and refresh of the log when accessed from the menu.
    • Citizen Integrator: Multiple fixes related to using the organization currently selected in WMC, reporting of deployed Recipe status, uploading of Recipes without a GUID defined in metadata, and user interface fixes for page layout.
    • Certificate Manager: Improved security so that password fields cannot be autocompleted.
    • Dashboard: Internet Explorer users will no longer see duplicate time and date information under Alerts. In addition, an issue has been fixed where renewal info and number of days left in subscription was missing.
    • Multiple pages: Multiple user interface fixes related to layout, consistency of timestamp formats, display of pointer icon, and consistency of page titles.