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Summer 2018 Harmony Release


Log in to the Harmony Portal to access the latest version of Cloud Studio, API Manager, Marketplace, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or download the latest version of Design Studio, Private Agents, or the Private API Gateway. For support, visit Getting Support.

Summer '18 Webinar

What's New in Harmony Summer '18

Summer '18 focuses on enabling rapid application composition in the enterprise world. Discover what's new, including:

  • Enhanced API Manager

    • New Portal Manager:
      • New management portal allows you to activate, customize, invite consumers, and control which APIs are exposed to consumers
      • Automatically generates OpenAPI (formerly known as Swagger 2.0) documentation for your APIs
    • New Developer Portal
      • New portal allows API consumers to access OpenAPI (formerly known as Swagger 2.0) documentation for the APIs you have published
      • Internal and external developers can access the portal to discover, evaluate and consume APIs
    • Enhanced API Logs
      • Ability to log 504 timed out API operations
    • Enhanced API Analytics
    • Enhanced Security Profiles
      • API authentication using OAuth 2.0 (Google) with ability to restrict access based on domain names
      • Ability to set user-based rate limits (hits per minute) on APIs within the Authentication Profile
      • Ability to impose a hit limit by individual API or a group of APIs
    • Automatically set the 'Content-Type' header for Custom APIs that use JSON or XML response structures
    • New $jitterbit.api.request.method global variable returns the request method used to call the API
  • Improved Composition

    • Multiple improvements to file transfer functionality including ability to look for the presence of a "trigger file", write the same file to multiple destinations and the ability to configure a file target to write a file to a separate "success" or "error" folder
    • New ArchiveFile() script file transfer function with built-in flushfile() functionality
  • Improved Connectivity

    • Jitterbit is now an SAP Certified Integrator
    • New SAP S4 HANA Connector
    • SAP Event Listener support for qRFC protocol, tRFC protocol, High Availability and S4 HANA
    • OAuth 2.0 support for QuickBooks Connector
    • New Workday Connector
    • NetSuite Connector now supports the 2018.1 WSDL
  • Improved Citizen Integrator Capabilities

    • Supports generating a new recipe in the Manage Recipes page
    • New 200+ recipes: Box, Cherwell, Dropbox, Amazon S3, GitHub, Nimble, Freshsales
    • Total 500+ recipes available across 40 systems
  • Harmony Platform Enhancements

    • New login and landing pages provide a streamlined user experience
    • Ability to manage schedules from within the Management Console
    • Single Sign-on with Okta (WMC and Design Studio)
    • Harmony is now compliant with GDPR