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8.27 Harmony release notes

Log in to the Harmony portal to access the latest version of the API Manager, Management Console, and Citizen Integrator or to download the latest version of Design Studio and private agents. As always, please contact support if you need help.

8.27 Harmony release notes - December 14, 2017


  • API Authentication: Support has been added for OAuth 2.0 (Google) authentication.
    The OAuth (Google) option allows a client ID and a client secret to be set up within the Authentication Profile. In this release, API Authentication profiles using OAuth 2.0 offers Google as the ONLY supported IdP and access restriction to certain email addresses or domains is not enforced.

  • API Authentication: Added the ability to set user-based rate limits (hits per minute) on APIs within the Authentication Profile.
    For API operations, a hit limit can now be imposed by the API Authentication profile. This effectively allows an individual API or a group of APIs to have a different hit limit than that of the environment or organization. However, the limit set within the profile must be lower than the org and environment level limits.

  • API gateway: Added the ability to accept a repeated parameter (i.e., /...param=x&param=y&param=z) when a custom Harmony Live API is called.
    Multi-value URL parameters will now become a string delimited by "|||" (3 pipes). The Jitterbit Split function can be used to create a Jitterbit array from this string. Note: If any of the values contain the delimiter "|||" (3 pipes), then the final array will be skewed.

  • Private agent: Additional special characters are now allowed in the username and password for the private agent's proxy.
    Additional special characters ("/", "%" or "&") are now allowed when configuring the username and password for the private agent's proxy.


  • API Analytics > View Debug Logs: Fixed an issue where the debug logs filter returned the wrong result set.
    A time zone issue has been fixed in the debug logs filter to allow the correct result set to be captured and display in View Debug Logs.

  • Design Studio: Local file options (trigger file/archive folder) are now disabled on cloud agents.
    In order to create a source with a trigger file set to a local file, the EnableLocalFileLocation must be set to true in jitterbit.conf [settings]. In order to create a FTP target with success/error folders set to local folders, the EnableLocalFileLocation must be set to true in jitterbit.conf [settings]. If EnableLocalFileLocation is set to false in either of these cases, the following error message will display: "Using local files as source/target, trigger file or success/error folders are disabled by default."

  • API gateway: Fixed an error that occurred when an API with overly long URL parameters was called.
    Custom and OData APIs that have overly long URL parameters now process successfully without error.

  • Private agent: Fixed an error that occurred when upgrading a Linux agent to version 8.26.
    The Linux build environment has been re-enabled to support backwards compatibility of up to minus one version from Centos release version 6.

  • Web Management Console: Security enhancement
    Restrict the visibility of the _JB_DEVICE_ID cookie for improved security.

  • Design Studio: Fixed an invalid path error when using a "trigger file".
    To accommodate the instance where a private agent and the studio are running on different servers, the trigger file browse button and local file path validation are disabled.